Prioritizing girl and women and encouraging them to participate in Web 2.0 is what fascinate me about. In addition to that the feeling of challenge to withstand the approach by World Pulse is another beauty of Web 2.0. Already it is a strong platform for women from around the world to raise their voice. Women have been involved in computers since computers were first envisioned. They are present in all facets of computing and Information Technology. Despite this, their presence is comparatively small in these fields. There is a growing demand for women IT workers with leadership, interpersonal and communication skills in order to compete men dominated IT sector. Women in computing will mitigate innovation-hindering results effective decision making and prevents the group from becoming too homogenized. Gender diversity has been suggested to give benefits such as better decision making, increased creativity, and enhanced, innovative performances. This is the main region where Web 2.0 could support and uplift the women talent regarding IT through its effective training and guidance. Likewise Web 2.0 could provide opportunity to more women and highlight their capacity, performance, and innovation worldwide. Since Web technology is a free space and beyond imagination for everyone to present oneself in his or her way and women could come up with numerous concept of web-based application. It would be crazy to decide on their behalf what and how Web 2.0 would benefit the women participant.

Web 2.0 equip women with web knowledge and technology which is itself a big event for the women, beside this revolutionary step, World Pulse has promoted interesting floor for e-magazine, free Journal posting. After Web 2.0 training, women would be confident enough to design creative website which would make them economically and academically strong. They could manage free access to IT for women under privileged group.

Many exciting aspects of Web 2.0 can be expected in future. Beside social network, online media like radio program dedicated to women, music and video could be main attraction to web learners. There are series of major trends of Web like Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Worlds, Mobile, Attention Economy, Web Sites as Web Services, Online Video/Internet TV, Rich Internet Application, International Web and Personalization. As such one could be far-sighted to predict more Web trends.

Myself being a woman in Information technology by academic and by profession I am feeling proud to be an applicant of Web 2.0. I am expecting to be further trained with the exciting world of Web. Obviously, being a Computer Engineer and working as Database Officer made me feel as I have gained something worth taking. Credit goes to my entire family members and friends who were supportive. Through these achievements I have sensed a kind of empowerment and I expect Web 2.0 would make me stronger and help me to make my empowerment more firm and rigid. If my learning and my experience could contribute to my society especially women of society it would be greatest achievement I ever dream about.

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Hello Carri,

Thank you for your comment.

Well I feel that we, the women are as much capable as men if given opportunity, support and environment to work. If we further want to do something extra and genuine than men do, then we need to research on our own talent and explore the things that women are much confident to do. We can even work on web page which incorporates our experience, understanding, likes and dislikes. For example we can design some informative web page with tips on some of the listed questions ---How to approach women? ---How to talk to women? ---How to attract women? ---How to behave with children? ---How to make your wife happy?

There are many such questions, that we generally come across but never thought far beyond to work out. So best idea would be to investigate the different forms of families and households considers their social, emotional, and economic dynamics and be create enough to design website.

Hi Sajani,

I can feel your passion for the Information Technology industry and how women can play a bigger role in using it. Thank you for sharing this and I have confidence that as you gain even more experience with Web 2.0, you will use it to do great things.

Blessings, Lola

Love & blessings,


Dear Lola,

Thank you so much. I am very happy to see your comment. Even happier as you find my sharing useful one. I do need your support as well, your innovative ideas and concept could play something interesting in this Web world. See you again.

Take care,


I am so excited to see you here! Women who are engineers and scientists are a great example for all of us, as men usually look down to us women for not being able to learn math hehehe.

Have you tried reading and posting in the Math Support Gals group? It has a sister page also, and Mauri, the coordinator of the group, is a great person besides being a great scientist.

Hope to see your posts there too!



Jacqueline PatiƱo FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Hello Jackie

Thank you so much for your words of appreciation. Again thank you for letting me know about such exciting group. I will of course join that group. See you there.



Dear Sajani,

I agree that women should play a more important role in the IT world and I'm glad to see that you're promoting their presence and leading by example. Best of luck in your career.