Holding Hands! It has been 2-3 years that I help 3 families who belong to Mazar Sharif. They live in a destroyed house which doesn’t have a house owner, but some rooms exist there. They are very poor families, so I help them in giving them some clothes, food and money. I also let one of the women to help me in my house chores and I give her breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also pay her for her work. I have some information related to health, so I tell the illiterate families in our street especially the pregnant ones. Giving them information related to health help them not to go to the doctor and pay the doctor’s fee.

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Dear Saleha,

I sense a great depth of compassion within you, as well as a force of power. Your will to educate women and empower women to change their circumstances is an admirable thing - and I know that this generosity will have a ripple effect like a drop of water in the ocean as it spreads further and further out across the surface... the women and children who you empower through education, employment and a sense of pride, will likely carry this spirit on when they are able to then reciprocate the deed.


Warm regards, Jade

Dear Saleha,

You are doing wonderful work, helping with basic needs and in educating those around you who are less fortunate. This allows people to take more control of their own lives. If everybody did exactly as you are doing, the world would benefit so much and would truly be a better place. Thanks for sharing.

Warmly, Frances