Stay Here With Me Now

(A message from Womb)


Taste the delight

On the tongue

Of each of your cells


Listen to the strum

Of breath’s harmonics

Across the strands of your dreams


Feel the bark of the fox

Wake up your bones

To the rustle through the grasses

That is calling to you


Watch the seeds

Fly from your enthistled heart

On tufts of fluff

Whispering their secret


To the wind


Smell the ache of release

As these seeds fly faster

Than your feet can carry you

The sharpness of longing

And not knowing

If you will recognize

Your dreams come true

When you encounter them

Rooted and grown

Later on


Rejoice in your talent

For balance, synthesis

Farsight, ephemeral beauty


Slow down enough

To feel the ecstacy

Of time and realms

Slipping and shifting

Pulsing from nuclei

To galactic spin

While you are pinned





Feel the tug

Of your inner puppeteer

Caressing your every step


Soak in your power

Bathing in warm light

From within

Allow all frenzy



And grind

To melt away


Feel this purring lioness

Between your legs

Igniting your pleasure

Your passion

And as the ride

Evokes your fierce wildness

Allow your throat to snarl

Your limbs to flail

Your laughter to take over your soul


And though this explosion

Of beauty beckons

Calling you ever to the chase

Stay here with me


Let us love this


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