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I am spearheading this national USA Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) organization with Purpose: To ratify 3 more states to get ERA passed finally into US Constitution. As it stands now, American females are not included in the nation's contract with its People, despite being the majority of the population! That means American females HAVE NO GUARANTEED RIGHTS to self-determination or full personhood. The political veil has been lifted, and we females are now confronted with the ramifications of being non-contractual members of the Law of Our Land! We see females' rights AND the US Constitution being destroyed AS WE SPEAK

PLEASE HELP US by posting a link to our web site on yours: www.2PassERA.org ? THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT ONLY GOT LEGS WHEN THERE WAS PUBLIC OUTCRY. American men and women cannot effectively help around the globe UNTIL WE GET GENDER-EQUALITY CODIFIED IN OUR OWN CONSTITUTION IN USA1 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US by posting our url link on your site. We are just scraping by as we are all working moms in America's Recession! Please let us in?

Our ERA news is blacked out by the media. WE HAVE NO RIGHTS IN THE US CONSTITUTION!!! US politiicans are taking advantage of our helplessness and denying us human rights. PLEASE?

WE ARE DESPERATE! We cannot pay as none of us is paid labor tho we work for free for all Americans 18/7, yeararound for GENDER-EQUAL TREATMENT!

My Challenges: American women cannot be effective in helping other nations UNTIL WE GET THE ERA in the US Constitution!!!!!!

My Vision for the Future: Equal treatment around the globe, everywhere. Let's START with the USA!~

My Areas of Expertise: Prof Emerita; fmr elected official; pharmacology reference text author with internatl distribution; nurse practititioner; profiled in new book, Feminists Who Changed America


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o • • SandyO in USA on the years of footdragging on passing of a crucial amendment to the US Constitution that would assure that sex discrimination would be a VIOLATION OF THE US CONSTITUTION, and thus provide sturdier legal footing when it occurs. It is called the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA, for short) and was written 70 years ago next year. The shame is that it seems impossible to pass! Many people view the USA as a garden of equality. True, racial discrimination and others have been passed into our Constitution and the struggles have gradually slowed, but still exist and surface into violence at times. We require that the ERA gets hearings in the legislatures of 3 more states so that it passes. We know that sexism will still be operating; men will still rape, violence and abuse of women will not stop, wages will only gradually equalize between men and women, but at least when women go before the courts about sex discrimination issues, they will "have a leg to stand on" that is now missing or unreliable, speaking of current laws, that is.

THE WAR ON WOMEN by elected officials of the Republican Party

The ERA Would Do Battle with the War on Women! This legislative war on women (and their children, and families, too, of course--we are all in this together) IS SEX DISCRIMINATION. It's not new, and it's not going away. Passing the Equal Rights Amendment would make sex discrimination A VIOLATION OF THE US CONSTITTUTION! A sturdy, reliable anchor against the frequent damage by sex discrimination windstorms propelled by gas-bag politicians to expand their campaign chests/ambitions via ALEC or other. HELP us help you, male and female alike, to build this barrier to SEX DISCRIMINATION of all kinds. Here's our latest War On Women video talking of pregnancy terminations as an example, not as the full story which would also scorn bills across the country that seek to shrink the definition of rape, blindside renactment of Violence Against Women Act, force women into further indignities, act against women's legitimate claim to person hood versus newish claims of that for the fetus and corporations, and MORE. ERA does not regulate abortion. When passed, ERA can provide standing against SEX DISCRIMINATION wherever it happens in America. ERA would breathe fresh air into women's and men's issues, their relationships and more. See us at www.2PassERA.org, please, for Who We Are and the ERA FACTS and lists of no-cost actions you can take from home to propel ERA (click "Do It NOW" at top of page.. Then write ME at Sandyo@PassERA.org . We Want to Get To Know YOU.

<p>Sandy Oestreich, Founder-Pres., USA National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance ; Fmr elected official; Prof. Emerita; Nurse Practitioner; Pharmacology ref. text

ccontreras of United StatesOrlando, United States says she wants to be added to our big listserv BUT how do I get her email address?? Please.

Anyone ELSE want to get USA Equal Rights Amendment updates on legislation in now 9 states and the bill I helped write for gender-equal treatment that's in US Congress?

Our email is: SandyO@PassERA.org Our site is: www.2PassERA.org--FULL of info, esp. "ERA for Women" at the page-tops.

<p>Sandy Oestreich, Founder-Pres., USA National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance ; Fmr elected official; Prof. Emerita; Nurse Practitioner; Pharmacology ref. text