Date: 02/05/2013

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Subject: Dispelling the Modern Dark Ages - An unequivocal solution to Girls/Woman's issues


What I have observed is that women face several problems related to treatment and opportunities in life. This is generic at global level and there is the need to go at the abstract level for addressing girls/women’s problems. This observation I have made from the particular society in which I live and the extrapolation of that experience at the global level. Girls/women’s problems should not be seen in isolation only. Girls/women’s problems do not exist in isolation or independent of other human/social problems. In fact, women’s problems are functionally dependent on a vast array of other socio-economic problems in society; problems that are not explicitly girls/woman’s problems. Therefore, it is extremely important that in addition to focusing on girls/women’s problems, girls/women’s must consider, as equally important, the myriad of other socio-economic problems, if they are to get durable solutions to their own direct problems. This, what I write, I hope, will go the distance in solving girls/women’s problems, at global level. .

Now, when I write about other socio-economic problems, there are problems such as of

a) Attitude
b) Mental and physical health
c) Pollution – (This affects women’s fertility and new born child’s health, etc)
d) Loneliness, etc.
I have used the concept of the Dark Ages for solving girls/woman’s problems.
We are aware of the “Dark Ages”. We have heard about the “Dark Ages”. The concept of Dark Ages I have extrapolated at the global level and taken a modern view of this phenomenon in order to expose the presence of the Dark Ages in human society, at global level, even till date.

The Dark ages were characterized by –
1) Ignorance
2) Narrow-Mindedness
3) Lack of reasoning ability
4) Low IQ
5) Cruelty
6) Lack of Education
7) Lack sense of justice
8) Lack of Discipline
9) Dishonesty
10) Superstition
11) Slavery
12) Lack of respect and dignity of human life
13) Use of weapons such as guns and bombs etc
14) Class and Caste Hierarchies
15) Lack of jobs and purpose in life
16) Inequality
17) Irrationality
18) Poverty
19) Poor Infrastructure
20) Indifference towards environment
21) Drugs and intoxicant substance abuse
22) Indifference towards health and hygiene
23) Callousness towards human rights
24) Indolence
25) Distrust and Misunderstandings
26) Violent Behaviors
27) Mafia and Underworld
28) Caste System [In the Indian Context and the very harmful manifestations of that]

Plus more…

All of the above attributes of the Dark Ages afflicts Girls/women in a many different ways. Although we live in a modern age, the legacy of the Dark Ages still persistently exists with us in t he background. Humans have not been able completely throw overboard the legacy of the Dark Ages.

The Dark ages have a detrimental impact on nature. Natural life and existence in hampered.

So, in spite the exponential increase in knowledge and technological advancement of the modern times, the “hang over” of the Dark Ages persists in human society. The phenomena of the Dark Ages has evolved itself in the modern times and has adapted itself to exist in juxtaposition with the rest of the advancements made by human society. We think we have advanced and rightly so, but we have not ascertained the retrograde and regressive effect of this intangible effect of the modern dark ages that is dynamic in its evolution.

All societies across the world have their dark ages, which is like an Octopus that changes its colors to adapt itself to the landscape of the society in which it exists. So, every society has its own intangible dark ages that have adapted its colors to the cultures, traditions, and ways of thinking and behaving specific to different human societies across the world.

It is clear and simple to understand that woman has borne the brunt of the dark ages since several centuries and bears the brunt of the dark ages in the current world also to date.

The Dark ages is like an intangible disease in human society and needs to be cured. The modern girl, the modern woman, therefore, has to define ways and evolve strategies to undock human society of the Dark Ages, once and for all for durable, robust solution to woman’s as well as other human problems that are a modern manifestation of the dark ages.

Hope this is useful.

Best Regards,
Mr Sanjay Dixit

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