About Me: Being pregnant was by far the most blessed time of my life. My bliss was cut short when I discovered that my husband had been having an affair during my pregnancy and that he wanted a six month separation because I had gained too much weight during the pregnancy. When our son was two months old, he wanted to have joint physical custody of our son because he didn't want to pay for child support. As a result, I was legally and emotionally harassed for years with the obvious intent to outfinance me. During a long custody trial, my attorney let my ex-husband win custody of our son knowing that my ex-husband was emotionally abusive to our son and that he had more money to finance further custody fights. What my son and I endured was muddled in false accusations and allegations. Domestic Violence and Abuse were overlooked. Based on my previous experience, I suspected that my ex-husband would interfere with my possession periods and would fail to follow court orders. I was right.

Courts are not willing to stop abusive and misuse of the law because they want court fees. Attorneys fuel legal battles because the longer the battle the bigger their pocket gets. Guardians have to tell attorneys and judges what they want to hear because they want to keep their jobs. In the end, these greedy and vengeful fathers endanger their children's emotional and psychological wellbeing and end mothers' rights. Greed is not the best lesson to teach our kids. Love and sacrifice are the true lessons.

My Passions: Children and Women rights, Music, Art

My Challenges: Court system, gender bias, discrimination, legal cost

My Vision for the Future: For all fit mothers to be respected and honored by our governments and peers

My Areas of Expertise: Project Management, International Development, Marketing


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You are right, we should train our kids love and sacrifice....they will soon grow up to become husbands adn attorneys too. May God change our society and grant us the internal conviction to know and follow what is right. Hope you are well? Welcome to our online community, here we are safe and free to share, connect and collaborate. Do not forget that we are always here for one another. Welcome once again.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Thank you for responding to my posting. What are the abuses that you are looking to stop in Nigeria?

I find that there are so many issues and abuses that women endure that it is impossible to make progress toward equality or even respect.

Sexual Assault and Violence Against Women! Though I write adn speak against financial corruption in the high places but my areas of concentration are on CSA and VAW. Thanks for taking interest.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https: