Activist Jaha Dukureh who was instrumental in bringing about the Gambia's new ban on FGM
Activist Jaha Dukureh who was instrumental in bringing about the Gambia's new ban on FGM: Photo shared from Photographer: Louis Leeson

Surely there is much work still to be done, but what an important and encouraging milestone on the road to ending this practice!

Read about the decision below, and learn about Jaha Dukureh, the activist who helped bring about this change.


Thanks for sharing this information - I hear so little about this issue on a regular basis, but am so glad to hear that there's been progress on ending this practice in the Gambia. So many people making sure that those in power appreciate what they can do to make change that saves lives!

Wow the power of  global campaigns led by The Guardian and! If there was any doubt that change can be made through raising our voices... let it be silenced by this triumph! Thank you for sharing the hopefulness offered by these successes. May the follow through on this declaration be fast and full for all the young women in Gambia!

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for sharing the fantastic work this wondeful woman has done in The Gambia and continues to do in other similar efforts around the world. Jaha is such an inspiring woman, she has channeled all her painful experiences into advocating for a better future for girls around the world. She is transforming the negative traditional harmful practice of FGM into a positive advocacy for girls rights to be upheld so that their bodies are not violated against their will.

In September, crowdfunding was launched on Indiegogo to raise funds for a documentary film to be produced and premiered at International Festivals and broadcast across the 29 countries where FGM is practiced.

The ban on FGM in the Gambia is definitely a huge success and we hope that the documentary being produced would further mobilize similar ban on the negative practice in other countries where it is practiced.

Once again, thank you for sharing this piece.

Warm regards,