I have so many dreams.One of them of course is to do something for under-privilege girls both in my community and in the world. I want to see girls get equal opportunity to go to school and I want to see them free from discouragement to pursuing her big dream. I want them to have support just like what I used to get.

We have some NGOs working to help retaining them in schools. Some of the strategies they use include providing girls’ families with a monthly income, buying girls bicycles and offering scholarship to girls in higher education. However, there is very small number of girls reached by the program. Hence, one of my future visions is to have this sort of program transformed into national policies, so that greater number of girls is retained and able to finish higher education. Added up to those programs, a number of other supportive mechanisms that I hope to start up is to provide free accommodation for girls who continue higher education far away from their homes. I want to ensure they have a safe place to stay no matter where they are. I want them to be treated equally with respect no matter where they go. While my dreamed world is a world where girls are given equal opportunities in every aspect, it must also be a world where girls and women are treated with respect and love. I want to see wives free from domestic violence and I want no rape and any other gender-based violence to be in existence. I want sex trafficking comes to an end so that girls and women are no more like commodity. The world where there is no discrimination and violence, but peace and love is my dreamed world. I want to be one of future of voice correspondents because I believe I would at least achieve some of my dreams above through my passionate writing. I have many stories of unfortunate women to share. Hence I want to write, to let their voice heard. World Pulse is definitely one of the best places where people truly listen to all those unfortunate women’s voice. This community motivates me to remain strong and believing in myself that what I am doing is worth it because there are people who truly care about the same things as me and are hearing me. The stronger network I would be able to build if I were to be selected as one of future of voice correspondents would definitely be my great support on my journey of writing and advocating women's issues. Through helpful comments on my writing, I know what to improve and hopefully my work would be picked up by international newspapers such as BBC or New York Times so that the problems I am advocating are heard by bigger audience and finally everyone will come and join me pursuing my dreamed world where girls and women are no more treated with ill behaviors, but love and respect.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


I have the same dreams, Saren. And I know that our dreams move closer to becoming reality as one by one we stnd up and share our dreams, as one by one we stand up and work on our dreams.

Thanks for reading the piece. I'm so glad to have known you all who share the same dream. indeed, our dream is becoming reality as long as we all keep believing we can do it.

love, Saren

HI Saren,

Thank you for sharing your vision with us. It is great to hear that you are working to fulfill your positive vision for the future. To make your writing even more powerful, please consider adding in some more examples and even personal stories.

All the best to you as you better the world! Mila

You're right. I could have included some more examples and my personal stories. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely keep this in mind when I write similar piece in the future.

Love, Saren

You have a powerful vision, hoping to achieve a national policy that would enable a greater number of girls to remain in school and finish a higher education. Your concern for the safety of girls and women is communicated through your desire for equal opportunities, respect and love. It is a beautiful vision! I'm glad that you find inspiration and strength through participating in the World Pulse community and I hope that you will continue to write and share and exchange ideas with this dynamic worldwide sisterhood!