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Time is really a scarce resource. I was on my final year at AUW, and it was just super super busy. Then I graduated and was offered a job right away. There were a lot to learn and I just couldn't manage time to write here.

But now I'm back. So Glad!

Stepping into professional world, what's most rewarding for me is getting to know NGOs and organizations in my country that is working to empower girls and women.

One is Harpswell Foundation. This NGO provides dormitory for college girls from provinces and provide leadership training to them. The girls have graduated successfully and performed very important jobs, making big impacts in Cambodian society. It's an impressive work done by Alight Lightman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) academic and a world-renowned author. To know more about Harpswell: http://harpswellfoundation.org/

This NGO inspires me a great deal, and motivates me to be more hopeful and positive towards changing Cambodia.

I think it's crucial that we, new young leaders know the existing organizations with the same mission as ours so that we could connect and work together to achieving our big goal.