Every lock comes with a key and every problem has a solution.Only we need to find d right key for the lock. Digital access and digital literacy are the major problems that the women face.Even I faced but I never gave up in my life.I found out many ways to get the access and learn. A computer was given to me by my brother which he was going to discard and I accepted it with so much enthusiasm.My husband never liked me using the internet and updating myself with the technology.He broke the connected wire not once but thrice but I never gave up. I bought a dongle, connection with hi- speed internet but to my disappointment,it worked just for few days and then their was no range. I didn't want to give up even then.I bought a tablet and got internet connection through some companies.Now it is difficult to use but I can still use it. Dear friends,There are ways if you try to find it.I taught and helped my friends too.Women has power to think,discover n give this world the best.If you are digital literate you can RISE HIGH.There are many ways to get the access as I got it although i had to face many problems and difficulties.Just a step forward and you can reach your GOAL.My computer and the broken wire is attached herewith. RISE HIGH WITH DIGITAL LITERACY AND ACCESS.

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That is all my pleasure to share my story and my experience with all women in the world and if I can encourage and motivate them to some extent,I think, that will be my great achievement. Thanks Kelly for this wonderful site through which I can always express and reach out to millions of women.What an opportunity to voice and express my thoughts!



I was not so much interested to write an article or be a part of any social organisation but this site motivated me so much that I keep myself updated with coming up programmes and activities. Just want to say, you all doing a wonderful job through World Pulse.If I can contribute in any way,Kindly let me know.