Friendship is the best courage
  • Friendship is the best courage

Last night on April 29th 2011 at 10:00pm Cambodia Time, I was interviewed by our amazing worldpulse founder, Jensine Larsen, Rachael and Scott for the World Pulse Media and Speaking Tour in the US this fall. I was so emotional, excited, nervous, and happy to speak to the three amazing World Pulse’s family in the fist time. When they started asking me questions, my tear was coming as well as I was answering – I know it was not my dream to be interviewed last night but I sometime thought I was in a dream to hear Ms. Jensine’s sweet voice and also talked to our lovely Rachael and Scott. It was my first time to speak since I came to Worldpulse and was selected for the Voices of Our Future Training Program, I went to the Internet Café waiting Scott called me in – it was also the first time I went outside at night around 9:00 – 11:00pm. I needed to spend 30 minutes to get to the internet café and 30 minutes to leave there for my home (only a few internet cafés open till 11:00pm) so it is why I need to ride far from my home. Anyways, my father who went with me so I felt not scared anything because I was with my beloved father.

22 minutes were over, Rachael asked me one question but I am really sorry I can’t get clearly what she meant as the internet there wasn’t so good to continue our conversation or I think because the electricity might be disconnected soon so I wasn’t able to hear Rachael clearly for the full question, I am really sorry Rachael. I will always be with Worldpulse to welcome my new friends, write more articles, and communicate with women and men around the corner so I do promise everyone I won’t leave World Pulse at all – it is a place to bring my life brighter so World Pulse is my best friend in my life. So Scott, I will be here on the Pulsewire always.

As Rachael emailed us the previous days reminded us that this 2010 Voices of Our Future Correspondent will be closed on May so before it is closed, I would like to post this writing to say good bye as we need to move our posts to another amazing group – VOF Correspondents’ Network but I just want to post here for the last time to have my writing on 2010 VOF Correspondent because I really miss this group so much.

I know the final selection is so difficult to narrow down only 3, even I am not on the final award-winning but I will use what I have learned from World Pulse, The Voices of Our Future Training Program to spread out more in my country Cambodia. In here, the new media or learning through media is still so low for all of us – we don’t understand the value of learning and communicating through the web 2.0 neither using media to address the social issues but I am strongly believe Media will change their lives as me as I did.

Without Humor, Life Sucks... Without Courage, Life is Hard... Without Support, Life is Hopeless... Without Dream, Life is Dark... Without Friends on World Pulse, My Life is Impossible...

So the last, I would love to express my feeling how I am excited, happy, inspired, encouraged, supported from all my friends, sisters and brother on World Pulse especially Jensine, Rachael, Scott, Janice, Jade, Olutosin, sister Usha, my midwife Liz, my mentor, Monica, Nilima, NI NI, sister Emie, sister Harmony, Inshar, Ruun, sister Warona, Vivian, sister Martha, Fungai, Beatrice and my others fellow correspondents! I am really grateful to each of you, you all have made my life brighter. It is not my dream to know you all and be a Voices of Our Future Correspondent. I am really proud to be your friend and a correspondent! Good Bye 2010 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, I will miss you always even I move my posts to VOF Correspondent’s Network.


Congratulations, Sweet Sarvina :) It has been a joy sharing these past several months together. And our journey is not over yet!

Hi Slow, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Yeah it is not over, I am waiting to read your interesting articles more here.



Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Thank you for sharing this lovely one. This is beautiful! I wish you all the best and be blessed xxx

from today i live out of my imagination i am more than my yesterday tomorrow i plant a new seed nothing that lies behind easy nothing that is ahead real my within is all i have today Napo Masheane

Thank you Sarvina for this lovely post. Really it's been great been together and we will always be together all of us. Congratulations all of you and keep shining.

Love, RA

I am so glad to get your lovely comment also! See your post on VOF Correspondents' Network soon...we are here to encourage each other's dream:)



Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Dear Sarvina,

Thank you very much Sarvina for sharing this. You have highlighted us also with these great news.Indeed they gave you an exposure. Dont worry Sarvina you have made it. Just like any other correspondent i believe we had a good time isnt it? Only i pray that we keep on the legacy.God bless your heart Sarvina.Keep moving gal.The journey is not yet over, go back to your vision and work on it my dear.

Thank you so much for sharing.

With love


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Dear lovely sister Warona,

Yeah we had finally made it sister, I am always inspired and moved after reading your comment. It is such a great encouragement and motivation for me.

We are continuing to caught our dreams!



Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Dear Sarvina

Thank you for sharing your interview experience with us and congratulation for been among the selected VOF Correspondence. You have always been there for everyone.


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