What does it mean "To Live" for you? When I think about life, it is easy to make it quite complicated. Getting caught in the "Life Happens" moments, a bill here, a disagreement there, a mistake that leads to guilt and self-condemnation. I recently experienced an event that caused me to literally pause and re-think this living business. My grandfather passed from a stroke and it is unfortunate that it takes something tragic to bring wisdom and understanding.

Looking at his legacy, he has12 children, 22 grandchildren, and 2 great-grand children....He started off as an English teacher and worked his way to headmaster of a primary school in the village. Though the aforementioned, lists his immediate family, this experience has brought out his "other family" - the children he taught over the years. As I reflect and find peace with this it brings me back to what I believe is a fundamental essence of life - relationships.

I understand "me" in the context of "us". Understanding the finality of life and the frailty of relationships, I therefore chose to live in intentional delicacy. Treating each encounter, every "hello" on the phone to an email with just that - intentional delicacy. Striving to be fully present in every interaction and treasuring the tendernes of the experience. I have only just begun, but what I can draw out of my grandfather's passing is that to unlock the fullness of life you have to act...Living is an action

Act upon your dreams, work at it till you create your life. Hugz to you!


Beautiful motivation words..

For sure your Grandpa has left a legacy which is still shining in you.

It is surely by acting upon one's dream that it can come to pass...

thanks for sharing this with us..

with Love

"Intentional delicacy" I want to remember these words as they speak so wonderfully to how to live life.

I love the connections I have made on PulseWire as here, I can draw nourishment and knowledge from all corners of the world and in so doing, cultivate my sense of compassion and empathy in an informed way. As you so eloquently say, it enables one to be "fully present in every interaction and treasuring the tenderness of the experience." Thank you for your inspiring and beautiful words. They started my day with light and joy.

Also, a huge congratulations on being chosen as one of the VOF correspondents. I was the Director of Global Programs with World Pulse before leaving in September to work in the field in Cambodia and so, I know well how excited the team is over the potential they see in all the winners. Best wishes to you, Janice

I enjoy challenging myself and in the process discovering new attributes :-) This community is soo amazing and I cannot stop talking about it to everyone I meet. I am glad that you enjoyed my writing - Thank you. All the best in your new ventures!!!

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