Hey everyone! I wanted to try writing a poem but I'm not very good at writing poems or rhyming. So please don't mind if it's not the best! Nevertheless, I would appreciate any feedback/comments as usual! Much love & respect xoxoxo

This is My Story; Our Journey; Our Place

Whether you believe in evolution or religion; We were all brought here to find our place. Each story of victimization is unique in its own way; But our journeys of survival are one-and-the same.

For as long as we can remember, we have endured hardships; Though our lips moved, we remained soundless. For days we suffered at the hands of our abusers; All the while we were shunned by the voices of our commentators.

Society enforced its traditions and customs; Forever engrained in our lives they were upon us. Despite all that we had to experience; We knew, deep down inside there was a reason.

The reason was to find this place; A place of hope, of reason of faith. Each of our journeys led us here; Where we could connect, communicate and collaborate.

At last we have found our home, our pulse; Where there are words of support and love. Together we shall amplify, magnify and empower; To eliminate the traditions practiced in the name of violence against women.

This is my place; Where transformations are made. And this is my place, Where my friends and I live without fear or shame.

Critics continue to share their words of discouragement; They continue to threaten the success of advocates. Nevertheless we are reminded, “that with courage we create possibilities; And with beauty we innovate”

For years we have walked and suffered alone; Now, we will march and triumph together. Collectively we will defy all abusive traditions, All the while we will respond to the criticisms.

No longer are we just victims and survivors; For our journeys have turned us into inspirational motivators. With visions of a brighter future, where women and men are finally equal; We shall let our voices prevail & empower those who are still victims of horror.

This is my place; World pulse is our place. This is my journey; Our story of survival.

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Thank you so much for the feedback Sharontina! Yes this is definitely our destiny. Our destiny to reach this place of empowerment!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

Dear Saving Angel, you have said it all. Though we are different, we are the same. We come from different backgrounds, have different cultures, face different challenges but we are the same. We are speaking the same language for women.

Interesting poem!


My pen speaks

Thank you so much Precious for your kind words! Yes I believe we are all the same, trying to send out the same messages. It's important as advocates that we stick together to promote the same values and beliefs!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

We are the movers of this world and yet we are soundless. Your poem very nicely captures the dilemma we are in. No more suffering alone.

Love to you Aminah

Salaam Aminah

“that with courage we create possibilities; And with beauty we innovate” so well put ... Thank you for sharing this positivity!

warm regards and best wishes :)

Never let anyone (least of all yourself) say that you are not good at writing poems. This is powerful and gets to the heart of many issues women confront on a daily basis. It has soul and is infused with your courageous spirit. Although I do not know your voice, I can hear you sharing this with us out loud.

Have you heard of the poet Sarah Kay? You remind me of her. Take a look at this video of her reading her poem out loud. I can see you standing on that same stage delivering this poem. If this is not your best, I am sure I will be floored when I read something of your best. Keep writing! http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html

Thank you so much Janice for sharing such kind words of encouragement! I truly did try to put my heart out in the poem - I tried to make it as general enough, but as specific to EVERY woman's experiences, difficulties and journeys to surviving.

Thank you for telling me about Sarah Kay. I actually have never heard of her before. She is truly amazing though and I feel so blessed that you consider me as similar to her. Your words of encouragement truly touch my heart and soul, and they give me more belief in myself to continue writing. I will continue to look forward to your comments in the future on my pieces to come!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

poetry is more feeling than rhyming, in my opinion, and you definitely succeeded in expressing your feelings. And i love it, thank you for sharing!

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Thank you so much Debra! My goal was to put my heart and soul into this poem as a means of getting across my journey as well as the journeys of WOMEN worldwide.

Much love & respect xoxoxo