With the advancing technologies, it has been no doubt that web 2.0 found its way to become significant in the lives of people. It has become a great tool for disseminating and gathering information and data all throughout the globe. With the help of the internet, men have conquered distances among nations especially through the use of social networking sites. These websites have made it possible for individual to be virtually present and still develop their social skills in dealing with others at the same tine keep themselves up to date of the happenings in the surroundings.

As a teenager, I have grown in a generation surrounded by computers and other gadgets that are readily accessible to the Internet. Having the power to be in touch with the cyber world does not just keep me updated with my facebook and twitter newsfeeds but also lets me to read and witness a greater scoop of news. Much better and more advanced than those of the televisions and radios.

The invention of web 2.0 made it possible to be effective in taking actions for a more productive and less discriminating community for women. Through it, we empower women by letting them engage in discussions enabling them to realize that they are not just beings under the feet of slavery, violence and discrimination but women that should be given the equal rights and privileges along with the others living on earth. This shows that the use of technology is not just for the happiness and to lessen the work efforts but also to resolve issues that surround the realm of living.

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I am from the generation who had witnessed the transformation in the media. As a child TV was the most amazing thing and it was rare in our community - everyone had a radio though. Newspapers and reading material were there for the rich, poor couldn't afford it. And then in my teen years internet came into being. At first it was only for the elite due to the high cost. In my adulthood, Internet came into corporate offices and e-mail became the most amazing thing. And since then Internet has given us so much more - transferring the landscape so drastically.

Web 2.0 tools definitely brought about the most desirable results with its interactivity.

All the best to you. Young people have a key role in shaping our community and I believe you are part of that :)


Salaam Aminah

Say, thank you for your article!

I think it is such an important aspect that you mention: this broadening of perspective as entering the web. Seeing the bigger picture and realizing that situations can in fact change or look different! By exploring the realm of possibilities women can find new reference points for evaluating their own situation, as you said, “realizing that they are not just beings under the feet of slavery, violence and discrimination” It seems to me as if this is the first crucial step to spark a willingness to personally engage and take action. Very well put…


I am inspired by your acknowledgement of how important it is to give women a voice, to engage them in discussions so they can realize their inherent importance and value on this earth as individuals! Wonderfully said! I know that personally as I grow and learn I am able to see the times when I forget this and must remember that I am an important, worthy human being. As we all are. By using the web I am reminded of how similar we are, even when across the globe from each other. This strengthens me.

I would love to hear more of how this tool is empowering you in your personal life and/or in your community. Thank-you for this! Keep sharing and writing! Many Blessings, Traci

Thanks for appreciating my work ma'am. I really am hopeful to be a part of uplifting not just the status of women in our society but also to shape up the perspective of others about women towards the brighter side even in the slightest and smallest way I can. :)

Say- I so much appreciate reading from a younger viewpoint, especially as your experience has been digital as opposed to analog. This gives you an almost innate sense of how to benefit from these technologies and potentially teach others how to as well.

Looking forward to seeing how you would use these platforms to create positive change, and how your visions and passions will evolve. I appreciated the line,"effective in taking actions for a more productive and less discriminating community for women." Thank you for this entry!

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