On 29/September, 2013 a cowered suicidal attack hit my second hometown Erbil. A number of bombed cars exploded near general security forces office taking 6 lives away and leaving 62 others injured.

The day I took Kurdistan as my second home, was the day I decided to dedicate every moment of my life appreciating the security and safety that has given to me after I escaped death in Baghdad late 2006.

I was on my way to general Security office (Asayesh) to get a video permission for my multimedia report on Syrian Refugees. 30 minutes before I arrive, the place was bombed and people were killed. I was so close.

It takes my heart away watching people sacrificing their lives for the safety of others. Those 6 security people who got killed will always be in our hearts and I will honor them every year by remembering their heroic action.

Here is my message to attackers:

No matter where you from, no matter what religion, what race, and what ethnicity, you cannot stop us and we will continue even stronger. You might have succeeded frightening us, but it last for few hours and WE WILL RESPOND. I personally do not speak the language of weapons, but I definitely speak the language of determination and freedom, which will raise people above you all. You, whoever you were, ARE DEAD.

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I did read accurate news, and they all say only 2 cars exploded, even the statement from asayish says there were only two cars, first they exploded a mini bus, then they exploded the ambulance. So now you should read the accurate news and tell us what was the make of the other three cars you are talking about.

I don't see where Shahd has mentioned 5 vehicles, only "a number". Please watch your tone while engaging in dialogue in this community. World Pulse is a safe, respectful space for women to lift their voice and be encouraged and empowered by their fellow community members and the world at large.

Even though there may be many disagreements within our community, we are committed that all our members treat each other with the utmost respect. I am uncertain of the nature of your comments. Perhaps there is something more than just questioning the number of vehicles in this incident.

I simply would like to encourage a respectful dialog, and an active conversation. News of this violent incident is a stark reminder that we need to find ways to connect, communicate and care for all people. We can start here.

Thank you, I welcome your comments or questions.

Scott Beck

Apparently she can edit her article, it was 5 cars, after my comment she has changed it to (a number). And you as the manager of this community should have the original copy of all posted articles, I mean you should be aware of what articles look like before and after they edit it. Her reply to my comment (Read accurate news please) is a prove that it was 5.

There is no any government in the world which can guarantee %100 security for it's citizens. Same goes for the Kurdistan Regional Government, after so many years the first terrorist attack carried out in Kurdistan, but we all responsible for keeping our Kurdistan secure and safe, when an incident happens we all have responsibilities, some of us will write articles about the incident just like Shahd did. You don't need to be uncertain of the nature of my comment, you should be uncertain of exaggeration in the article, perhaps they want to tell people that Erbil is Just another Baghdad where they behead people in the streets...

Mr Alex,

First, yes, I edited it, but I wasnt sure how many, since, I said to our manager, Different news source says different things, and I wrote my article based on what I heard from people who were there rather than news, which usually hide accurate numbers so people dont panic.

I hope you become more productive in your comments. I was outraged and I almost got killed. So, my article was condemning the act not picturing another Baghdad. God bless my hometowns Kurdistan and Baghdad


Hello Shahd, I'm wondering if you have other sources that we could reference. I see in your report "a number" (not 2, nor 5) of vehicles.

This is a shocking incident, and I'm glad that you are safe. I appreciate hearing the news from you first.

Sending thoughts of peace and healing for the families affected, and for the region to find a peaceful future for all.

Scott Beck


After the attack different news sources pointed out it was more than one car. Apparently, they are no revealing the accurate number cause they dont want people to panic. I have sources but each one is different, I wrote my article based on a word of mouth from people who were there. I HOPE that it was less than that. In fact, I hope non of this happened in the first place.

Thanks for your support. My article was based on my personal experience and I was trying to deliver a message to people that we are united and not to point out that Kurdistan is another Baghdad as I was clear when I said "MY SECOND HOME" I hope Mr. Alex dont play the role of the analyst here.

Keep up this most important and courageous work, Shahd, but be careful. My thoughts are with you. I will share this account with others.

My heart and fighting spirit are with you.


We loved the freedom and democracy with stability safety Kurdistan to this reason everyone will force man in kurdistan so we will Remove terrorism from source.

yeah to safe kurdistan love

Dear Shahd, I am glad to hear that you are safe after this callous attack, but heartbroken that lives were lost. No one should have to live their lives in fear of violence.

Thinking of you,


I too, am glad that you are safe and saddened at the loss of lives in your town. I appreciate that you wrote your article while distraught, frightened and emotional. It is my hope that others will not get lost in the details of such an emotional outpouring of your experience. Anyone who watches or reads news knows that reports vary. I can understand how you would report a number based on various reports. It doesn't matter how many cars - what matters is what happened at all. Details can come later.... With respect to Alex, I can also appreciate his/her request for accurate representation of facts, however; I ask Alex to be more diplomatic in the future when speaking to someone who is in pain, to be more mindful of the person behind the words and how criticism without compassion can feel like an attack in itself. I admire the WP community, and learn so much from those in "ground zero". Keep it up - all of you - and Godspeed. Kim

~Kimberley Jean Ayers Founder / CEO Spark 540° INC www.spark540.org Twitter: Spark_540 Facebook: Spark540

Kimmie Jean

Thanks for the support I really appreciate it. I also appreciate WP for giving me the chance to take out all the anger and outrage in writings hoping something will change. Even if it didnt, I at least tried. Thank you

I, in front of everyone in the world, or in my community, apologize if I was not as accurate as they expected, and tell them it is not my intention to false any information I just had a message to attackers. Please feel free to contact me to contact for feedback it means a lot to me


Shahd Majeed

I am sorry that the first response to this emotional and deeply personal account was an attack on the accuracy of your journal. For many of us reading this, we understand that this is a personal account based on information you received from within your community and was not presented as a news article.

In understanding that, our hearts and thoughts were aligned with yours in speaking out against violence as a means of protest. Your post provoked reaction from all corners of the world and that is a wonderful start to engaging in dialogue about peace and what it will take to bring about peace to your region. Perhaps Alex can present her/his perspective so that we can learn from all sides of the issue and be more informed. Solutions are borne from dialogue and the best solutions arise when all perspectives are considered. I hope that Alex will accept this invitation to engage in a civilized discussion that is respective of all viewpoints.

May Peace be with you all.

Thank you so much for your support. I just directed a message to everyone and here it is again.

I, in front of everyone in the world, or in my community, apologize if I was not as accurate as they expected, and tell them it is not my intention to false any information I just had a message to attackers. Please feel free to contact me to contact for feedback it means a lot to me

Sorry for any inconvenience

As you say, your intention was to send a message to the attackers, a message of peace and freedom I and many agree with. We stand alongside you in proclaiming that we will not be silenced until all peoples can live freely, peacefully and in health.

Salaam, Janice

Thank you for your heartfelt article and your plea for peace. Thanks also for standing your ground in the resulting exchanges. It is clear from the posts that all responders join you in the quest for peace. Numbers reported in the heat of violence are never accurate. And accuracy hardly matters. Why quibble? What matters is that voices like yours are heard loud and clear. I admire you and cheer for you! I visited Erbil (all too briefly) in 2006. My ultimate destination was Khanaquin and at that time it was safer to fly into Erbil than via Baghdad. It probably still is! I wish that Erbil could remain a haven of peace. I grieve that your beautiful country is still racked by senseless violence. Never, never cease to speak! Wishing you courage, safety and PEACE!

Your comment was so encouraging, and comments like yours makes my day. thank you so much. This year I made a promise to myself that call for peace would be in action rather than just writing. I am working on peace initiatives in town and will literally be the Voice of future. There is no way, terrorism can invade my life anymore.

Peace Shahd

Yes! Shahd, I do admire you and cheer for you and know that there are many more Iraqis who join in your mission! May you find each other and join hands! Again, wishing you confidence, safety and PEACE!