I am weaving a few dreams, with dazzling silken threads
Every day for the last 40 years
In each strand I have tied
Hope of a new morning
I am out to spread this soothing light
To the ones who are my own
The ones who live in the courtyard of my existence
The ones with wobbly walk
They will grow strong one day, and
Fight for every right of theirs
Will build a home that’s all theirs
And they will make it look the best
Light up even the darkest corner
Where lie buried many a dream
Tangled in the heaps of unspoken desires.

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I think this is a wonderful poem with such an evocative picture to go with it. I have come back to read it many times and to look at that beautiful picture. Thank you f or sharing it with us. Keep raising your voice until all those dark corners, buried dreams and unspoken desires are brought into light. Tina

thanks tina for your appreciation. i am also making a full length documentary for this great woman.

hope to get enough funds in india to cpmplete it.. i will surely send a copy to u.