The other day, I was going through the pages of a very well known newspaper, feeling really overwhelmed by the pouring news on unethical activities that people are committing everyday. There were lots and lots of news on rape, murder, taking illegal bribes and so on. We are going to universities, being educated, having degrees, involving ourselves in good jobs inside the country as well as outside the country. The main aim of being educated is developing one’s own country, but there is no sign of this right now in my country. The word development does not always mean earning money but it has a real deeper meaning that people in the country have to be developed in their thinking. I guess, in our education system, there is a serious lack of one thing that is lack of learning moral values. Otherwise, there would not be myriads of people doing unethical activities in our society. Sometimes I wonder thinking if our Bangladeshi education system making us patriotic. Or else, why don’t we step forward to make some changes in our society. Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in Asia and it has the worst economic condition. However, there are ways to make our economy stronger. There are ways, in fact, extraordinary ways to make our country better. We just have to take time and think. We just need a strong wish for making a better nation. In 1971, people from every ways of life fought for our nation. So, why can’t we do it once again from today onwards? I do not know any bank in Bangladesh that issues loans to a person who does not have any sorts of possessions. Banks in Bangladesh only issues loans to those people who at least have some sorts of possessions to reimburse the loan. Therefore, there are people who still remain poor and with time they become poorer. So, here is my question? Are banks really putting any sorts of effects on the lives of those people? No one is thinking about them in fact. People do not have enough capital and banks also do not offer loans to such people. Hereby these people with no money are unable to come out of their wretched condition. The banks are not really thinking about the development. If they really thought about the development, they would find something out. Perhaps the banks can fund them making small groceries, grow trees and many productive activities like these. However, banks are not benefitting our country by doing so. Let’s look at a different thing. People such as traffic polices sometimes demand illegal money when they see black steam emerging from traffics but if there were such policies like the traffic police can file a case on that specific traffic and the amount of money that will be charged from the owner of the traffic will be divided equally, then they would want to file a case rather than demanding illegal money. That is how the traffic police will also be benefitted. If something like this happens then the traffic police may want to file a case rather than demanding illegal money from people. Not only this, but also the education sector is being corrupted too in present days. Teachers are not teaching properly in classrooms. They ask students to come to their home and study in private in exchange of extra money. If everyone were a little brave and informed the authority about this, then things like these would not happen at all. Teachers are persuading students to memorize notes that they are providing and are not making a scope for them to become creative. This proves the narrowness of their minds. Though the education system has been changed recently, the mentality of the teachers did not change at all. If there were a system like the people will be given money as an award if they can identify any sorts of corruption that they know is taking place, then people will always want to identify unethical activities and will be afraid of committing such activities. Hereby the economic condition of individuals will develop as well as we will get a corruption free nation. I don’t know if there is any place in Bangladesh that is not corrupted. I myself go to an international university. Sometime I need to avoid conversation about my country infront of other foreign girls. This is really embarrassing that my country is one of the corrupted ones in the world. I can admit that Bangladesh is a polluted country, but it is really hard to admit when people from other country claim us as a corrupted one. It is really hard because it questions the ethics of people in my country.


Dear Shaila, there are problems in all countries so do not feel dejected or ashamed. the intelligent thing to do is to take a combative view and try and fight against unethical practices as much as one can. fight and then write about it in this forum and you will get tremendous moral support.

Subhadra Khaperde India

Thank you, Subhadra for your comment.

Shaila Sharmin Undergraduate student of PP&E (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Asian University for Women 20/A, M M Ali Road Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dear Shaila,

I do agree with you.

I am also facing these problems. I think one of the major reasons for these problems is nepotism, and we also don't have any qualified leader who neutrally think about our country. and we are also pretending like blinds even though we always see these corruptions.we are teaching our next generation how to deal with injustices and corruptions. I dont know how can we change it, or what can we change.

Regards Farha

thanks for your comment.

Shaila Sharmin Undergraduate student of PP&E (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Asian University for Women 20/A, M M Ali Road Chittagong, Bangladesh

Shaila, I can understand your feelings of embarrassment when people talk about the corruption in Bangladesh but when you hear these conversations, remind yourself that Grameen Bank was founded in Bangladesh on the promise of making small loans to the impoverished without requiring collateral, and has become the business model for microfinance around the world.

Irene Khan was, until recently, the Secretary General of human rights organization Amnesty International; the first woman, the first Asian, and the first Muslim to hold the position.

Yes, you can find many examples that bring into question the ethical practices of individuals and businesses but there are also many inspiring Bengali role models whose work is grounded on the principles of fairness and human rights values. By inquiring deeper into the unfair practices you have witnessed, you can increase the awareness of these unscrupulous acts and pave the way for a more equitable and just Bangladesh. Your voice can make a difference and has already drawn support so do not lose heart. It is through people such as yourself that policies change and laws are reformed. Janice

Thank you for your comment. Yah, Grameen Bank is really doing good work.

Shaila Sharmin Undergraduate student of PP&E (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Asian University for Women 20/A, M M Ali Road Chittagong, Bangladesh