Fish market
Fish market: At the fish roasting market for Women, Limbe-Cameroon (near Atlantic Ocean)
  • 2014 Rural Women Day
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I come from Cameroon. Some 40 years ago, I was brought to this world by some two lovely people. My mum was a petite trader and my father physically disabled. Both raised me and my 4 siblings with dignity and love. Where I come from, men dominate in all spheres, while women are only expected to perform their reproductive roles which include, domestic work, childbearing and caring. Growing up and seeing my mum multitasks, and at the same time ensuring the best for her children, inspired me to stand up for women and girls independence. I knew from an early age that women are a wealthy being and for sure a social entrepreneur! So - was my pursuit as a social entrepreneur developed - where I wanted to contribute in freeing women from this patriarchal system and enable them to have access to and control over resources such as land, property,  finance - to enable them create wealth as well as turn the 2.7% of urban women in entrepreneurship to 72% or more. 

In an attempt to support women, for the last 5 years, I have been holding capacity building trainings and entrepreneurial workshops with young women and girls, especially those from poor communities, teaching them on how to do hair, sow dresses, make soaps, cleaning detergents, safe food processing, healthy practices and peace-building. Through this, I have trained over 80 women, given them life skill and empower them to run their own micro-enterprises. Being part of World Pulse will help raise my voice and those of the many women in my community who has long for a safe space to speak, learn and share new skills and become the person they have always wanted to become.


Dear Shalom, Thank you for your journal. You have desired to be a social entrepreneur since you were a child. It's amazing!! Besides, you are already acting concretely to fullfill your wish. Do your best to achieve your goal. 

Thank you.

My beloved Zone, thanks for your wonderful comments. I want to use this opportunity to praise you for your spirit of generosity. I am glad you introduced to WP. I am sure the great ladies in  WP will bring changes to my life as well.

Keep it up with your good heart.


Hello Shalom.

A very warm welcome to World Pulse.I read your story with so much pride to that we have women like you in Cameroon.Your efforts in supporting women from poor communities  with capacity building trainings and entrepreneurial workshops is so laudable.

You have come to the right place where women's voices are amplified and so many opportunities found.Have you joined the economic empowerment group already? I think that will be a great place to start. We shall continue the conversation in the days ahead meanwhile feel free to explore different groups and enable to join.

Thank you so much for being a change maker.

Keep impacting.




My beloved Kuja, thanks for your great comments. I am already feeling part by reading your comments. I am so touched you like my work and story. Thanks for your advice and warm welcome.

I am glad to belong and to be connected with wonderful women like you on WP. I know, together we shall bring changes for our sisters, especially at the grassroots.

With love,


Dear Clemence,

This is so inspirational and powerful.We need many more like you in Cameoon!World Pulse is just the right place for you!



"I don`t just want to tell stories,I want to change stories"

Chi Yvonne Leina

Dear Leina, how happy I am to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your thought with me. I hope many more women will be inspired like you so that together we shall bring changes.

With love,


Dear Clemence,


I said this is 'us' in Cameroon. We will have your back here, keep on soaring, lots of love from your neighbour. Nigeria

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

My beloved Sister Olutosin,

It is with great pleasure that I read your post. I am so grateful for your support. . I know I can count on you on many ways. I really want to be a 'World Changer' in our generation. I am counting days to know about  the result.

With love,