I always had the passion to learn, and my believe is that I need to learn new things everyday, because life is too short and the world is so rich, and I didn't want to waste a moment. The best place to learn things is the web. The vast and endless scoop of information that you can access is beyond imagination, and accessibility is much more easier nowadays thanks to the new advanced technologies and the facilitated varied platforms. I ended up applying for Voices of Our Future after being informed about it from one newsletter that I get, which includes weekly updates on new opportunities and scholarships, and since I have previous experience in e-learning, I decided to apply and try to make all the way until I become part of the final 30 candidates. Women empowerment is for no wonder one of my major interests. It's a process I need on a personal level and would also love to help spreading in my community. I see Voices of Our Future as a precious opportunity for learning, because I can virtually learn and acquire new skills and means to be implemented on the ground in order to serve the purpose of empowerment. I find it thrilling that at some point I can answer the question "where did you learn all this?" by saying "e-learning using my laptop while setting in my own room".

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Great Week 2 assignment!

You're clearly passionate about women's empowerment, but I'd love to hear about your own personal journey and the challenges you've faced that make you so dedicated to this cause.

I look forward to reading more from you!