Happy new year 2018
Happy new year 2018

 The start  of a new year is symbolically  often associated to new resolutions, changes  but also retrospectives on what has grown or what has fallen apart along the year.  A look back at 2017 creates mixed emotions but mainly anxiety from the regression that has emerged . On the other end, the faith in second chances and rehabilitation let's me hope that we will come together and get back to progress and evolution. They often say mistakes are humans and that is the one thing that we are! Now that a new year has come let's  aknowledge and evaluate  the damages in order to  learn and build a better tomorrow. Mankind has come a long way through the struggles of development at all scales, from world wars, discrimination and many lost lives all the way to recognitions like Nobel  prizes, awards and human rights votes. It  has been such a journey that it is heartbreaking to see the efforts of icons  and advocates of previous generations go to waste with the set backs of today's society and pressure. The amount of alarming news and events that have marked 2017 along with the natural catastrophes brings us to wonder what is the world coming to? 

It's like an out of control experience where we are conscious of the obvious evolution and progress we have recorded in the last couple of centuries with the many achievements worlwide and we came to a full stop. The overbearing and fast growing violence and divsion settling in the world is saddening but also worrying. We have register countless attacks everywhere in the world,have  been appalled by the slavery resurfacing in countries that are supposed to be in development. Moreover, the fact that hatred and disrespect are being promoted and encouraged is my biggest concern and dissapoitment as this portrayed through media, politics, entertainment social networks. In fact we live of passcodes and parental control as if the danger was under the bed and everywhere around for that matter. Nowadays these issues are being tolerated and discussed as normal  businesses and I wonder, how could this be? We have children to educate and prepare for a world that is heading in a scary direction from my angle, expectations and values. People all over the world have been affected with these drastic changes, tragedies and new laws that might forever damage their lives. 

 As we had already reached a certain level of equality and stability through all the people who have fought for their causes and  succesfully brought the world to this level. I strongly believe that  it would be fatal for humanity to choose to not  continue toward  development  and progress . The intelligence that separates us from other forms of living should be a reason why we can t go back to ignorance and primitive ways but mainly we can't undo the numerous achievements handed to us by our heroes. We should enforce the acquired peace and unity that is being stained by all this senseless news we have faced last year. For the new year I pray we decide on wiser and smarter  ways to move forward, firstly for our children but also for ourselves. The thought of 2018  for me simply alignes with the Agenda for Global Goals  established by  the UNited Nation in January 2016. 

 Through my writing I wish to see peace settle  back into a world that chooses unity over destruction, conflicts and violence, a world that will teach the next generation to love and accept no matter who and what is in front of us. As a  feminist writer and advocate for and LGBT rights , I am proud to celebrate the gain of more countries on the list of same sex marriage legalisation on our ongoing  journey. This alone has motivated me to speak up more on our cause and strengthen the message of equalities. It has encouraged me to elaborate on the right to love who we choose and be who we are. I aim to be a part of those who choose to better society, those who work to educate our children on playing and growing without judging differences and choices.  I hope for an extension of bullying and the influence of a so called perfect world brainwashed in our households through television and technology . I want to contribute to the  change, acceptance and tolerance that will lead us to a healthier world . I vividly envision a place that will become a distinctionless melting pot where anyone is entitled to a dream. I would like to argue that "no matter where you are from your dream are valid"as Lupita N'yongo so briliantly stated. 

For this reason , I choose to use my words and my plume to participate starting this year as I have always dreamed to contribute to the journey towards a kinder and better  world. Former First Lady Michelle Obama said " There are still so many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history  yet to be made".  I  have  picked  my cause and I encourage  we all start the year with that state of mind so that  all efforts combined we have a successful year 2018 with a different version of ourselves with a new shot at life in an world that we cherish. 



This post was submitted in response to Ushering in Peace in 2018.


Hi Shelly. Thanks for sharing your story and hope for a better world. I agree that it's interesting time to be alive; albeit sometimes troubling. But, I do feel that we are in a pivotal time of change. 2017 was not a waste. Women started to take their power back in a big way, with the Women's March and the #MeToo campaigns, for a start. More people are speaking up than ever before. It's true that there is a lot of upheaval, but it's necessary to awaken people that were just going through the motions before so that there is more balance, peace and positivity. It's a process, but we'll get there, and I have a lot of hope for 2018. I hope you do, too:-)

Hello Jlanghus

thank you for taking the time to read my article and sharing your thoughts. I don’t think 2017 was a waste at all but more of a eye opener.Women’s March was a strong movement that show the unity and courage, nevertheless It was Launched as  a respon to stop situations  and comments  that we could no longer tolerable. I surely don’t undermine its power, I just wished we didn’t need these measures to benifit of our most basic rights.  I do feel like we have come to our senses and will see the changes in 2018.thanks again for your constructive feedback.

Wishing you the greatest year


Dear ShellyAx-Bee,

Thanks for sharing your cause and your efforts to work for peace and love (for all!) in 2018.  Very best wishes with your work.