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No run will ever beat LEWA marathon.Done in complete wilderness-lewa wildlife conservancy isiolo ,Kenya-in dust and mad heat,it is categorized as one of the most toughtest runs in the world.A must do run before you die! The excitement starts immedietly you park cars,ready to make shelters .The thought of pitching my tent for two nights ,boiled my blood with excitement.I love camping.And so,in a crowd of 25 runners ,we made a village.Friday was easy with alot of anticipation for the run.We ate and slept early. At five oclock people started singing.Songs of wild runners! some bathed some dint.I was in the latter group.I just dressed and grabbed some cereals,coffee with amarula cream and honey.Waoh! what a wild breakfast. It was a bee activities at the starting point.With over 2,000 runners doing this and that stretch to loosen their muscles.The gun went off at exactly 7.15AM The trail is nice but crazy at the start.It narrow and can only allow five runners in.It ios always a battle to pass through slow runners.If you are fast you are lucky.Some runners opted to run outside the trail-on hard grass.I followed,then quit in fear of wild snakes and other funny creatures. Lewa organizers deserve million of medals.it is the best organized marathon in Kenya.with water,juice,energy drinks and oranges all the way to the finish.Wild animals grazed ignorantly ,some gave us a rude stare for interrupting their peace.A sight of a family of elephants made my legs stronger.I had to run faster up the hills to avoid a collide. The hills were tedious and torturous.You definitly need something to soldier you on.I was creative enough to pin a banner written-running to save Brian's life-on the back of my t/shirts,as spectators cheered me on! It felt great .It was worth all the torture. My last 2kays were the hardest.The attitude is very high .My body disobey my mind order and desire.I hard to push it to the end.And there I was ! yeas. I did for baby Brian.I was welcomed with a medal and a bag full of goodies.What a run.What a cause!


Hi Shiku,

Congratulations on another amazing finish! You and your fellow sole sistas have inspired me to begin running again. I used to run in high school and throughout the years have gone back to it as a form of exercise, but hadn't been running in over a year. My friend Lora and I started running together to cheer each other on and motivate each other to get out there, keep going and have fun while doing it. We started training for a 9 mile race in September here in Portland called the. Run for Congo Women.

However this race is no marathon and is through city streets. I cannot imagine running along with elephants and other wild animals while watching that you don't step on snakes in the grass! What an experience! Maybe some day I will be strong enough to run a marathon... you inspire me to keep going!

Please tell me more about Brian and your inspiration for running!

Warm regards, Jade

Jade, You promised to keep me posted on your running progress.Whats on? tell me you been running.Equip yourself with mileage for your up coming run. all the best comrade.

with Love Shiku

Jade,running is fun ,addictive and full of inspiration.Its in running you will sweat out your stress,meet new friends,travel exciting places and best of all you can run for charity and touch a needy heart.You are right, you can never have fun running alone.You certainly need a motivator.someone who will compel you to make to your running date.Someone who will encourage you when you body tell you its enough! Nice that you are training to run for Congo women.What a nice course. Brian is a 13 months baby who has been diagonised with Rheumatic Heart Disease which requires urgent heart surgery so as to save his life. The cost of the treatment is approximately kshs.550,000 His mother, a single parent and a mother of two, can not afford to raise this amount since she has no source of livelihood and depends on goodwill from the community.On hearing this story I decided to dedicate my run to Brian ,wrote to friends and relatives to sponsor me.I also posted it on my journal but havent gotten any response yet.I met real nice people in LEWA and Iam certain they will support me.

Running is in me,in my blood and bones.I just love it.Before I did for mere fun.Now I do it for charity.I sweat for the needy.My greatest inspiration is to know my deeds no matter how small-touch a heart.

cheers and keep up with your training.

with Love Shiku

Hi Shiku,

I'm sorry to hear about little Brian and his condition. Sponsoring him with your run is a beautiful expression for both raising awareness and raising funds for his support. I wish him all the best.

My running schedule isn't quite where I want it to be yet, partly because I went home to Alaska to visit family and partly because I've been sick with a bad cold and my lungs are not happy. But I did go on a 10 mile hike yesterday and am looking forward to kicking back into gear this week with my training schedule. Thanks again for the inspiration and checking up on me! I need the pushing to get me off the computer and onto the street in full stride.

Keep on rocking!

Love, Jade