I was travelling with my mom,on a sunday for shopping. I saw some of my old friends and stayed for a little chatting. Because of less time i asked my mom to go and buy her stuff. She agreed and left and asked me to see near the bus. After some time i said bye to my friends and started walking, when i reached a turning a man was staring at my back. He continued for some time. I paused, he took his eyes and started to look the other direction. I went to him, he didn't look at me, but i just said one sentence "MY FACE IS HERE NOT THERE"

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012.


That was a great way to stand up for yourself, you go girl. I am proud of you that you went and stood up to him. We have to continue to encourage more girls to do this. If we can do that a difference will be made.



We are blessed to have many Sisters!