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Hi. My name is Shirl Mendonca and I am a retired single mother living in Northern California (USA). I have spent years in marketing, management, and finance and am a writer for a local newspaper. I am happy to offer help in any of these areas. Since retiring 6 years ago, I have focused on honoring the planet and living a much simpler life...I want to be self sustainable. Along the way, I have learned a lot about energy efficiency (I have built and use rocket stoves), organic gardening (my next endeavor is an aquaponics system in my garage for fish and greens), food storage (rarely need to run to the store), herbal medicine, and indigenous agricultural methods (permaculture) to use fewer natural resources. My current project is to put all of this information on a free website to help my community. Beyond that, I have time on my hands.

I would love to listen, learn, and share with each of you and maybe find a way that I can be useful. I have traveled extensively to less developed countries and each time, I wish that I could stay longer and get involved with the women by sharing stories, lives, and projects. Maybe this is the time. Maybe I can help one of you and you can help me find a new passion.


Big, warm welcome Shirl. It is great to have you here.

Would love to hear more about your projects. Use of rocket stoves sounds very cool.

Much love and lotsa hugs,

Mukut Ray

Mukut, thank you for the welcome. I went to your journal and read some of your articles. Wow! You have opened my eyes to many new things in India. You are a good solid writer and I wanted to read everything. I am hoping to visit India next year and will be watching your articles closely. I will post an entry about rocket stoves along with some photos. I assume this simple cooking method is available everywhere...but, maybe not. Thanks again for writing. Shirl

Sending love and peace, Shirl

Thank you dear friend for your thoughtful words. Yes,please do visit India.

Will look forward to reading your articles.

Much love

Mukut Ray

Thank you for reading my profile. I went to your site and learned a lot about your area of the world from your articles. I am sure I will learn a lot from what you post. There was actually a woman from Cameroon at the conference last weekend where I learned about WP...her name was Chi Yvonne Leina and she was very inspiring...just like you. From your profile, I see that we have a couple of things in common besides writing. I also studied Anthropology as my first major at a university and recently spent a summer teaching English in rural China. I look forward to learning more from your writing. Shirl

Sending love and peace, Shirl

Shirl- If you wanted to post info about your various projects, it's helpful to create one post per idea/project. That way, a person can do a specific search, can focus on the one thing, and I think more concise entries are read more often.

So glad you posted!

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

I do take care of orphaned children,sensitize about women rights and involved in voluntary works with the low income families,reading from your works you are a lot important to the general growth of my project KINDLY LET US LOVE EACH OTHER,BE MY PARTNER FOR KEEPS MUM,I M 42 AND SINGLE. GOD BLESS YOU.visit.

Thank you for responding Rakido. I looked at your profile and you are doing work in important areas. God bless you. Tell me about the orphans you take care many, what kind of facility, how you get funding, etc. I would be very interested in understanding the extent of the problem. Let's keep in touch. Shirl

Sending love and peace, Shirl

Thank you very much mum for quick response concerning partnership and above all long lasting relationship. I come from polygamist home and in a very primitive village where women have got no say at all on matters concerning sexual rights.In the other way round women are until today considered as mere sexual tools,forget about equal development partners.The point is that many people are HIV/AIDS positive,the death toll is high to heaven,wife inheritance is stil the order of the day.This has resulted into the speedy growth of orphaned children with some as young as 7yrs. old taking care of their siblings.My village a lone has more than 3oo needy orphaned children,most of these children are either primary school drop-outs due to lack of school fees or ealier pregnancies and name it, Due to disheartening fact that almost everybody in the village is economically disadvantaged to the level that they cannot afford three square meal leave a lone giving hand-outs to needy orphaned children,AND this is why l came out with an initiative the name of KROC ORPHANS SUPPORT INITIATIVES to respond to economic,social and above all educational needs of of needy orphaned children.One of the leading programe is @ ORPHANED CHILD LIVELIHOOD(1),This is individual child education sponsorship(pay school fees,school uniforms and educational materials)(2) Vocational training effort-creation of either formal or informal jobs through apprenticeship model of training (carpentry,tailoring,hair dressing,driving,plumbing etc). Mum kroc orphans support initiative is young it does not have main stream donors,we still depend on generous contribution from friends and well-wishers.l as the founder and director and other voluteers identify such children in the village and present the plea to someone in a position to lend helping hand.And most important,it is worth noting that when you lend helping hand you automatically take ownership of the project.Knowing how your GIFT is changing lives of needy orphaned children.Finally Kroc orphans support initiatives is not children home,it has long -term solutions to needy orphaned children problems,work together with low-income families in responding to social,economic and educational needs of orphaned children.Within 2months from now need to have our own VOCATIONAL TRAINING EFFORT,We need donations inform of used or new,sewing machines,computer set,writing materials,carpentry kits,hair dressing facilities and name it. NOTE:CASE STUDIES available,copies of BEWARE-Women Rights awareness Newsletter , Kindly send your e-mail address it will help me to send copies of my works, l promise to send all my personal documents soon when need be bye,my friend,greeting to others that i m about to know ken