Why call the fan following a 'mourning' wall? Why not call it a 'movement' of women bloggers across the world who keep moving in every sense - keeping in touch with one another, metaphorically trying to keep themselves abreast of the changes taking place around them, locally, nationally and internationally. A 'movement' has a sense of fluidity that never stops and is a continuous process of going ahead, finding new goals to attain, new worlds to conquer. 'Movement' is literal - as one keeps moving geographically across spaces, vertically above one's present standing in life, society, vocation, etc. and horizontally to reach out to a world beyond borders.

Movement is psychological because this teaches us to get rid of the straitjackets of caste, class, education, age, sex, culture and language and shapes us for a larger world than the physical world we live in. Movement liberates us from man-made and blood-made bonds of family and relatives to be able to make the whole world our family. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? NO.

So let us move on, and learn to 'be and make' not just for us, but for all who we feel drawing closer unto us. Let us make life not just an exercise of breathing in and out, of eating and sleeping and making love, but add more meaning to it through the sisterhood of women across the world.


Dear Shoma:

Thank you for remarks. By 'mourning' I was only trying to joke a bit with our sense of sadness, so the weight gets lighter. But we can also call it a movement, of course, and if you show us the way, we will follow you.

Go Shoma, Go!

A big hug to you,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

Dear Jackie, What's wrong with your cell number? I sent u two congratulation sms but got reply " message failed to deliver." Waiting to hear from you. Congratulation. Thank you With Love and regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Shoma, I agree with Jackie, We are ready to do but we need someone to show us a way please show us a way, we are ready to bring movement in our country and gradually in the world? But the question is how can we do? We will follow you please show us the path.

Thank you' With love and regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet