About Me: I am Monsignor Simon KIBONGE OMFW , brother of the order of missionnaries of the forgotten world(OMFW), Episcopal Abbot and Bishop of the Liberal Catholic church in DRCongo, the Liberal catholic women organization of St Francis of Assisi located in Kabare it's about 25 km from Bukavu, women come by foot visit the World pulse Maman Shujaa DRCongo the last july, the Liberal catholic women organization would like the world pulse Maman Shujaa DRCongo to help them with sewings machines for their self supporting to take care of orphans kids, to help women to know to read and to write, to take care of women of third ages .


Liberal Catholic Church

POBOX 1155





My Passions: to take care of the weaks.

My Challenges: To be the instrument of love and peace.

My Vision for the Future: To build the world of love and fraternity.

My Areas of Expertise: Bishop of the Church and Teacher of environnementals sciences in the university in drcongo.


Hi Simon and welcome to World Pulse! I hope you enjoy being part of this vibrant community of activists and leaders from around the globe. As you get started with the forum do check out the Getting Started Guide- http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/about/guide I have found it very helpful! I am looking forward to hearing your voice in the forum and learning more about the Maman Shuuja, Mayme


We adress ours greetings to all ours brothers and sisters world wide and by this opportunity we adress to them the request for the help to ours orphans kids because of the war, because of HIV/SIDA and making the life in the difficults conditions, ours orphans kids need a cup of maize, a cup of sugar, copy books, a pencil, a pen , clothes, shoes,,, May God of love and compassion intervine, we send pictures orphans kids in differents churches we have and send our account number.

The Liberal catholic women organization in DRCongo where we have a psycho social project about the sexual violence against women in DRCongo, we are in relation with Maman Shujaa World Pulse in DRCongo.

Ubi caritas ubi Deus my coat of arm which means: God is every where, where is love.




I thank you a lot for your letter and we are very happy to read you by world pulse, but I would like to have your confidential e - mail adress ? the Liberal catholic women organization in DRCongo are in partenship with Mama shujaa which help us to be in contact with you. Best wishes in all.

Msgr Simon KIBONGE


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We adress you ours greetings from Bukavu in DRCongo where we are, we thank you a lot for your letter and encourage you to be with us in World pulse Mama Shujaa which is in partnship with Liberal catholic women organization in DRCongo, we would like to have your confidential e- mail adress and we would like you visit our Organization in the church in partenship with Mama shujaa in Bukavu in DRCongo.

Msgr Simon KIBONGE