About Me: I am a 36 yr old married kenyan who is living positively together with my spouse. I have been living with this condition for hardly a year. I have been greatly touched by this condition since I have been taking care of HIV orphans before testing positive . I have now undertaken to do all that is within my reach to help contain this disease and seriously need encouragement and assistance from like minded people to take this the message to the larger community.

My Passions: Giving hope and courage to people with various challenges in life My Challenges: Financial resources to undertake the needed mobilization and offer care & support for the weak members of our group

My Vision for the Future: Be a Professional Counselor

My Areas of Expertise: CHCT Counsellor


Simon, welcome to PulseWire. It's wonderful to have your voice here. It is powerful to meet men who stand in solidarity with the women of the world.

The work you are doing is powerful—I look forward to learning more about you and your efforts to combat HIV/AIDS.You will find many others on PulseWire who are doing similar work, and many others who are working in Kenya. I know you will make powerful connections here.

In solidarity, Corine

I am delighted to part of this great team and I do look forward to keeping in touch with you people on issues affecting my dear mothers and sisters all over the world. just keep the spirit burning.

I am quite pleased with the recent achievements by Kenya women in key sectors in our country. It is quite encouraging more so after being kept in the cold for such a long time. A Kenyan judge made it to the International Criminal Court and key appointments in some state owned corporations. I am also very much happy with the kind of input our ladies are making in the civil society and the fight against HIV/AIDS. I therefore encourage women across the globe not to slow down towards changing the world and making it a better place. As a man so much touched by the plight of the people living with HIV AIDS I do urge you not to give the fight. On behalf of our Liverpool VCT class we congratulate Lovely Leah on our successful completion of a 3 week course on Comprehensive HIV Testing and Counseling. CHEERS.

Simple Simon

Simon... it is inspiring to read about your efforts to raise more awareness of the support needed for people living with HIV and to hear of the care you so lovingly bestow on the orphans and family members. Your solidarity with the women around the world is so appreciated and we look forward to hearing of your continued efforts on our behalf. Please join Leah's wonderful group, "Jambo, Hello from Kenya!" where you can brainstorm solutions, pose questions, test ideas and find a support network for your visions. You can find her group by typing in the name in the search bar at the top right of the page. Bahati njema with all your efforts and we look forward to hearing from you again soon. Best wishes, Janice

Hi Janice W, Thanks for your strong words of encouragement and will always try to do my best to ensure I make the much needed change. Leah is a great lady who has really made me aware of many things that added so much value to the training we attended together. We are looking forward to a successful working relationship in the fight against HIV and AIDS in our country and the world as a whole. It is therefore my hope that the fight will also be largely won by even the strong ladies voices from Worldpulse. Sorry for not replying to your comment in good time, its just because access to the web is abit difficult at times but am trying all I can to get easier means of communication by the help of God. Asante sana and please lets all hold hands together to CHANGE THE WORLD Simon