An essay dedicated to Susan B. Anthony

Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less!

Distinguished Ms. Anthony, you are a pure vision of the sustainability that the woman’s world is being based on. You’re not only the greatest fighter, the thought and honesty; you’re also the plausible word of our souls. We owe you Ms Susan; we owe you a bit of our smile, a bit of our happiness, a bit of our success. You will eternally inspire people; you will eternally serve as an idol. I’m aware that no words can value your courage and passion. I’m aware that no words can seize our gratitude. I believe, I speak in the name of every female being because I’m sure that every girl, every woman is grateful of what you’ve done for us. And I’m here to promise you that I’ll not let that be forgotten and blown with the memories. Time’s countless when it comes to undying heroes. Time’s a variable category when it comes to judge people’s acts. I speak on the behalf of my deepest emotions, I’m devastated by the fact that I did not live in the time you were present, so that I could hear your noble words. I long for your speeches which are my prayer. You’re my strength when I feel alone and scared. I keep repeating your name; your glorious soul is my heart beat. Your words are my support . We owe you Ms Susan; and I‘m not fooling myself when I claim that no words can merit your kindness and greatness. You’re a hero. You’re a person everyone should admire. You’re the exact instance of bravery and power. I carry you deep in my heart along with my dearest. My mother is a fighter too. She’s the most protective woman I’ve ever seen. My mother is my idol. You are my hero. But I feel the difference. My mother stands for the rights of her children, her ancestors and herself. You, glorious stood up for the rights of every woman in the world. You’re the greatest mother that had ever lived. I know that my words cannot describe or seize your immensity and importance. I cannot guarantee either that anyone will be able to capture the prominence of your personality. But I can guarantee that while I’m alive and have the strength to write, speak and breathe will never let anyone to forget who you are and what you’ve done for us!

Thank you, merciful Mother!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to My Story: Holding Hands.


I appreciate that you have taken the time to recognize the life and actions of Susan Anthony. She was a woman who truly embraced the strength and ability of women, and she brazenly spoke on our behalf. Sometimes the prominent women of yesterday are forgotten; it's wonderful that you are reminding us how important she truly was.

Thank you Brianna, I hope that I have given a contribution due to her memory. She must not be forgotten or neglected. She was a hero.