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You must have experienced this before as well, listening to a song and thinking, this is me, this is about me…haven’t you? “Life for Rent” is that song for me…

I haven't really ever found a place that I call home I never stick around quite long enough to make it

Though for me even 'stick'ing around does not do the trick. And also I do 'mind' if I break your 'heart', that’s why you are kept at the distance; and that’s not 'just a thought'!

I have been struggling with the concept of ‘Life for Rent’; I thought, for a while, all the mothers sacrificing their youth and life for their kids to grow happily have a life for rent; I thought, for a while, all the soldiers marching to the front-line to walk on the land-mines have a life for rent; I thought, for a while, all the lovers awaiting a simple innocent touch have a life for rent; I thought, for a while, all the writers spending days and nights behind their desk crafting their master piece to be picked from the shelves of the book-stores have a life for rent; I thought, for a while, all the campaigners voicing their frustrations and pains in front of the closed doors of parliaments have a life for rent; I thought, for a while, …

Once Me asked 'what's happened to that dream'. Somaye said she stopped dreaming as the life was rented already and she never 'learned to buy', and Myself keeps everyone, even you, at a distance.

While my heart is a shield and I won't let it down While I am so afraid to fail so I won't even try Well how can I say I'm alive

And the truth is I am not alive, who am I fooling?

NOTE: I wrote this piece in April 2011 and felt like sharing it with you...


Life for rent huh? Sounds like a very accurate way of explaining our temporary existence on this world :) I am not familiar with that song. But yes for every song out there would be some who fit into the lyrics, the mood, the tempo and the hidden meanings behind the words. Life is just like that.

You have a lovely writing voice and this post looks like a practice session in preparation for the assignment to come.

The wait to find out what we have to write is killing me? Is it the same there? :)

Regards Aminah

Salaam Aminah

I like the smile face [:)] after your sentence "our temporary existence on this world"...

this song is by Dido, here is a link to the music video of the song.

so now that we have the assignment, do you know what you are going to write?!

all the best Somaye

I had a been a bit more busier this week and have not had time to visit other people's post as much as I want. But have tried to keep abreast and yes, the moment I saw the topic I knew what I wanted to write. And it's now there. my journey, my personal story - bittersweet.

And through it all I stand tall and strong on the outside while I am torn into pieces in side.

Looking forward to read yours.

Regards Aminah

Salaam Aminah

I haven't heard the song. I am not much of a music listener. Yet, I enjoy listening. "life for rent" is a very mind boggling thought and I thought my life as phases. With death as a fact life is temporary - let me listen to the song first... Be right back.

I did enjoy the song but it is not for me. It generate emotions but do not inspire me. It makes me feel more out of control.

Who are we renting from? Nature/God/Divine/All pervading power

"Nothing I have is truly mine" - This creates curiosity as well. What is referred to? what is the context. I must say the song does generate emotions. That is why I am careful of what I listen.

My curiosity lead me to your journal and I am pleases that I had another opportunity to assess my life. Thank you for the post.

Enjoy and wish you all the best Amei

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