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Dear Mates,

Though, World Pulse is a platform for social-political-cultural issues, nevertheless, 'tis also a junction where people have discovered the healing elements and of constantly uniting with the 'humanness in being a human', hence, our book is a further exploration of human and the soul.

In the early part of year two-thousand-thirteen, Ms. Soumya Vilekar and I discovered each other through our respective writings. At that time I was an author at Word Press under the ownership of ' Blood Ink Diary' - a narrative of my inner and outer climate of mind that mingled culturally, politically, socially, artistically and spiritually reflecting diversity and contrasts of various genres in expression -- my blog was polar opposite (in theme) from Soumyas' spiritual quest- yet, there resonated and embodied an attraction for the others' writings. Hence, a journey commenced between the two creative minds, a dialogue marked its' significance imparting her own unique ' Suroor of the Soul ' (Intoxication of the Soul)- a poetry book prepared to share the spiritual faculty and the isolated jubilees of the inner realm. The title of the book was an interesting incident, for, after frequenting each other's spheres, I had left a comment of appreciation at Soumya's space and gifted her a humble oil painting that I had titled ' Suroor ', thus, was the inspiration that ignited Soumya to pen the magnificent volume. During the same time, I had deleted my blog for other creative pursuits, thus we had lost contact for short time, when, suddenly I received an email from Soumya requesting if I would fancy to include few of my mystical poems and to pen the foreword for 'Suroor of the Soul '; needless to say, I accepted her request - thus, the duality of our personalities play a symphony of its' own tune through the lyrics of our individual soul that can be explored in the pages.

You may be intrigued and probe as to why the execution for such a subject - ' the soul'; simply, because the human minds are so varied, intellectual standpoints thus wide apart and emotional temperaments rather different, or shall I say, unique - that on these grounds alone we tend to isolate our Human and the Being that completes us as one. In a world marked with extreme desire for material consumption, the materialist forms a destructive alliance with the egoist and the shallow-minded, both attributes silently perforating inside him and when brought face to face with these two ways of viewing himself and his external environs, man finds them opposite and incompatible, markedly conflicting and hopelessly irreconcilable - thus it is quite possible for man to synthesize such an alliance developing a divided self - the soul often remains a mystical attraction if man does not cultivate the immense motivation to 'seek' the metaphysical reflection and mystical revelation of Divine Reality.

Henceforth, what is the 'insight'? If reality exists anywhere it must exist in an irreducible infinitude, though, such an assertion places beyond ordinary finite perceptions; only a transcendental insight is therefore beneficial to bring man into an intimate relation with his soul -- whosoever truthfully and without superficial attempt at seeking shall witness the metamorphosis in its' due time, when the 'ego' surrenders and humility perfumes the soul, a catharsis translates the silent movement within a human-being, opening a solid frequency embracing faculty of immediate insight. Ah, but of course, in one sense insight is a synthetic faculty, for, it mingles and blends with abstract reason what the intellect shan't fully grasp though recognises the full mystical emotions that are contained, combined and yet transcended in the philosophical insight. 'Suroor of the Soul' is such a book, that, smoothly transports and carves a path to Illumination - a veritable emotion turning around at the base of the whole consciousness. Our purpose is to ignite an immediate oneness with the Ultimate by a flash of desire to enlightenment which effectively removes the debris of doubts and ignorance for ever. Our combined vision is such that a reader would traverse within our souls' parameters and glimpse for a tremendous and scintillating revelation to the man that it shall leave an ineradicable impression on his minds' - soul and commences to probe the dazzling question of both his corporeal and celestial realms. Nay, it would be rather absurd to read the book and attain a deep frequency, for, mostly the aspirant toils for long wearisome months and perhaps years amid dishearten-ment and monotony, howsoever, the book is a fragrance of connecting to bliss and the ultimate happiness -- to surrender and annihilate the 'ego' which stops the cultivation to submission to discovering the layers of our soul. Just as in philosophy - thoughts are solid and more reasonable because it is more balanced, such a similar discipline demands man to action if he is to practice an equilibrium of mind-body-heart-soul. Everything that hinders the Divine will's passage through his heart and life must eventually be cast out - he would need to affiliate his lower (human) will with his higher (being) one; the two must be synchronised to work in unison.

'Suroor of the Soul' is a jubilee in utter ecstasy. It is devoid of any religious rituals and customs, for, its aspiration is simply to touch a human soul. The dogma and doctrine expressed as form of poetry is that of esoteric-ism which is considered to be something beyond the veil that illuminates bliss that one encounters through sublime horizon that leads one to greater courage and inner happiness - which cultivates a desire for seeking the enigma; the interpenetration of Human and its Being. Nay, I shan't write more, nor, can I compel you to read further into this book -- though I sincerely invite you to explore the poetry. I shan't command it, for it commands us. The better offering, therefore, is to become inspired, that is, to the Divine self within us -- through our humble offerings to humanity. This book is about you and I, simple.

We hope World Pulse shall spread the word for our book ! Shall be indebted to those who find us worthy of our endeavours!

Love & Light, Shaheen S. Dhanji / Soumya Vilekar



Suroor of the Soul Official Website:

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.


I infact read this on our dear Rafi G's blog feed that landed in my email last night. and have been meaning to check it out.

Good that you are here :) Reminded me again.

Having skimmed your post here, I have tried searching Amazon for the book - but I can't seem to be able to find it. I guess I have to wait till the end of next month to even see it on Amazon? Is that it? It would be great if it was added sooner so that we pre-order. :)

In any case, I can't wait to relish the poems. And when someone puts together a book, especially if the author of the book is a known person, I have a tendency to collect it for my bookshelf - I find a kind of pride in doing that... I do realize this is mostly Soumya's work. But nonetheless, you are also part of it.

I cherish these words from you about the book... "a flash of desire to enlightenment which effectively removes the debris of doubts and ignorance for ever"

I wish you all the best dear friend. Do remind us when it is released (lest we forget)

Salaam Aminah

Dear Aminah,

As always, your support and encouragement means a lot !

The book shall be available at Amazon and other major outlets by end of July 2013 - at which time I shall re-post the details and links. Also, since you are at Wordpress - do keep abreast of book developments via Soumya's blog, she shall be up-dating as well.

Thus-far, we have found great support and people have begun reserving the book, which is a humbling experience for both of us ! Knowing you, I am certain you shall relish the metaphysical content in it (the book). Yes, my dear friend, having our writings in your book-shelf shall be an honour - also know that you have been part of our journey, as you have always shown keen support in my writings, for which I shall continue to remain grateful ! This book is part of each one of us -- as Soumya and I have only played the role of conveying the human emotion towards spirituality.

Thank you so very much for wishing us and having faith in our pen-ship ! Shall update as we go along ! Lots of love, Shaheen

Cheers, Shaheen


The creative cultural exchange in this post is positively amazing. the articulation ability ,the sense of creative belonging ,optimistic and literary bravo to tackle intricate issues of our life is mesmerizing. You are serious creative /spritual charater ,you have your place in the Literary guiness.


Mbizo ChirashaInternational Perfomances Poet, Writer ,Creative/Literary Projects SpecialistFounder/Creative Director- Girlchildcreativity Project

That you have felt the raw and ripe manifestation of my nerves in this contribution is very meaningful to me. Thank you, dear Mbizo ! Keep in touch !

Cheers, Shaheen


This is Powerful Shaheen ,iam humbled.

Mbizo ChirashaInternational Perfomances Poet, Writer ,Creative/Literary Projects SpecialistFounder/Creative Director- Girlchildcreativity Project

Jolly good! You're one talented girl! Been going through your journal here and I'm trying to curb myself from posting comment upon comment but I can't help it!

The book seems interesting. To be honest I'm not into anything Divine or God, I find after living in a 90% Muslim society in Mali, I'm feeling there's many things I oppose about anything religious. Let me ask you, is there really a God or has man made this concept of Gods?

I quote from your article:

"'Suroor of the Soul' is a jubilee in utter ecstasy. It is devoid of any religious rituals and customs, for, its aspiration is simply to touch a human soul."

In your own terms can you simply explain about the "utter jubilee"? I'm glad to read the book doesn't have "religious rituals and customs"!

The post it does compel me something inside.....I don't know something about you is compelling!!!

:) T.K

...And, well, dear Tania, thank you for feeling compelled to pen your thoughts - 'tis always wonderful to commence dialogue. Though I accept your compliments, it is only fair to convey , that, the book is wholly the creation of author Soumya Vilekar - she has written the anthology, thus, I give her the credit of this body of work.

Ah, yes, apropos my quotation: 'utter jubilee' is used rather sparingly and can be addressed as myriad of ecstatic emotions - an epiphany, if I dare arrest the statement. A jubilee of love upon love -- I shan't define what type of love, for, that is a rather mundane and prosaic endeavor to which my intelligence can-not permeate without yawning ! Howsoever, I limit definitions in my realm of thoughts and polemics, fancying to discuss the 'essence' rather -- the book's vital purpose is to percolate the human-being to awaken his'her psyche to a deeper reality within the individual -- both I and Soumya believe love to be a supreme emotion that percolates the human condition. Hence, try not to focus on isolated words as 'utter jubilee', but, if I may kindly request you to see beyond the alphabet of the living as such can alter the grandiose level to metamorphosis. Hope you can grasp the aphorism, dear Tania !

Question 2: God or man-made concept of God:

In all fairness, this question has been a timeless one - thus, I shan't attempt a lofty rejoinder for I would need much space then this small box to pen my reflection. Nevertheless, I believe the human-being has attributes of a lower and exalted self and the proximity is exacted in which part is dominant to 'feel' beyond the ordinary. The humanness in being a human is crucial, for through such, one expands, evolves and finally cultivates his/her human-being. Whether a person is a God believer or not is based on a lot of 'intellectual' stimulus of the individual - I have known this faculty rather too well in my own-self.


Cheers, Shaheen


Dear Shaheen,

A very unique reply....honestly I was thinking you may write some philo type of reply on God but you've clearly indicated a pause. In short sentences I've gotten a clear picture of your thoughts and you're tactful in how you reply. I like how you're straight-forward. In particular your confidence by saying, " I shan't define what type of love, for, that is a rather mundane and prosaic endeavor to which my intelligence can-not permeate without yawning !" Yes Shaheen I "grasp the aphorism"! :)

Let's take this to email? Chk your private message, have left you my email there.

:) T.K

Thank you so very much, dear Amriyota, for reading and leaving your message ! I shall try to enrich with my blood-ink, hopefully. Love & light.

Cheers, Shaheen