Attached to this post is a pdf file titled "36 Problems That May Arise (in Preparing for, and Implementing, Community Visioning Initiatives)".

[Note: This "36 Problems That May Arise….” document is a draft of Section 10 for the larger “work-in-progress” titled “Calling ‘the better angels of our nature’: Preparing for Ongoing Re-evaluation of Peacebuilding, Education, and Community Revitalization Efforts as Part of Responding to the Challenges of Our Times”. It is also an expansion of Section 13 in the IPCR document “1000Communities2” (accessible at . ]

This post is an effort to share resources with other people who, although they may be working in other fields of activity, may face many of the same problems. The IPCR Initiative—and specifically Community Visioning Initiatives of the kind advocated by the “1000Communities2” proposal—are efforts to advocate for, and establish, “constellations” of initiatives relevant to the kind of problem solving needed in the years ahead. Readers of the pdf attached to this journal entry may also find problem descriptions which help them to better understand why some approaches to problem solving might not work (because they are not designed to resolve many of the underlying problems)—and why new approaches may be needed.

Included in this post is a draft Table of Contents for the “Calling ‘the better angels….” work-in-progress. I have also made a few other pieces of this work-in-progress accessible through my journal here at

(see Table of Contents below)

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Stefan Pasti, Founder and Outreach Coordinator The IPCR Initiative

Table of Contents (draft)

Draft of Table of Contents for Calling “the better angels of our nature” Preparing for Ongoing Re-evaluation of Education, Peacebuilding, and Community Revitalization Efforts as Part of Responses to the Challenges of Our Times

Table of Contents

Introduction Section 1. Assessment of the Challenges of Our Times (which will include reference to “A Ten Point Assessment of the Most Difficult Challenges of Our Times” at Section 2. Frameworks (“World Views”) and Socialization Section 3. Education Section 4. Spiritual Formation Section 5. Community Revitalization Section 6. The “1000Communities2” Proposal Section 7. Preliminary Survey Questions Section 8. “Community Teaching and Learning Centers” Section 9. How Do the Teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba Influence the Choices for Sections and Content in This Document? Section 10. Problems That May Arise Section 11 The IPCR Initiative and the Role of the Non-Confrontational “Trellis” Approach as a Relevant Response to the Challenges of Our Times Section 12. Evaluation

Appendix 1

A. The IPCR Mission Statement B. Brief Descriptions of The Eight IPCR Concepts C. Three Different Introductions to the 161 page “1000Communities2” proposal D. A 15 Step Outline for a Community Visioning Initiative E. About IPCR Workshops (from The IPCR Website at F. The IPCR Copyright Policy G. About the Writer

Appendix 2

A. Starting Point Links for Learning More About “113 Related Fields of Activity” (113 Fields of Activity Related to Peacebuilding,Community Revitalization, and Ecological Sustainability) B. Appendix 5 from “1000Communities2” document C. “Divine Intervention: A Collection of Quotations from ‘Sathya Sai Speaks’ Vol. 1-15”

Appendix 3

A. Notes and Source References (Note: this appendix will not be included in draft versions)

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In the interests of sharing resources which may help others respond to the challenges of our times, and With Kind Regards,

Stefan Pasti, Founder and Outreach Coordinator The IPCR Initiative


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