Web 2.0 excites me. It is innovatively a Communication and Development model. It’s the Key to unleashing global networking and enhancing empowerment of women in the Planet. Invention in technology causes cultural change. Karl Marx’s economic determinism argued that changes in modes of production determine the course of history; many communication experts have concluded that it is specifically changes in modes of communication that shape human existence. Women can now speak out, share experiences and find solutions to issues facing them. Most importantly, we are up-to-date daily, regarding contributions by members- Amazing!

Trends shows that television and radio advertising is diminishing in popularity and value as the Internet is becoming the most popular and effective form of communication between businesses and consumers, especially in the developed world. Now even in Africa, people are increasingly watching videos on the internet and constantly spending much time on it. This platform has solutions to global women’s empowerment, as we are able to connect and share electronic media relevant to issues facing us. Moreso, highlighting events that facilitate collaborations with like-minded women professionals is now easier and faster.

Through the use of rudimentary systems to translate text across languages; we have a platform that is making language barriers a thing of the past for women in the networks. Indeed, communication (writing, libraries, the printing press, and mass media) has through out history had profound effect by revolutionising human thought, human ways of living, and human knowledge. Through education and information offered here, women will continue to be empowered to make more informed choices regardless of cultural constraints. Further, tapping into networks being created will allow for stronger support networks and economic empowerment to the underdeveloped world that most of us live in. Also, best practices can now be shared and lessons learnt applied. As a member, I am being empowered and able to connect with Women who share my experiences, interests and also those in my profession. I am able to put a face to the people I interact with or who post stories. This is so real! Web 2.0 is the most interactive and personalised media- a better version of Facebook, only made even better by its developmental nature, focusing on women’s needs!!

The poems on love, marriage and reality issues are beautiful. I am inspired that in Kenya, we have budding poets and story tellers. This has encouraged me to begin writing again, after years of being so abstract in writing. I am now beginning to open up my emotions and write them down. It is therapeutic!

Finally, I have read stories of breast ironing – a reflection of the disempowered status of Women. I now know that women all over the world need each other, and need others to let them know that they are beautiful, of worth and important in social development. Kenyan women are not alone. We need each other. There is much to learn from other dadas (Swahili for sister) from afar.


Stella, Great job on showing your excitement about Web 2.0. As I read your journal I practically felt you jumping up and down! I also enjoyed the knowledge and history you wrote about in media. I also would have liked to have seen you elaborate on your personal connection to the empowerment web 2.0 has given you. You touched on it, but more would of been great.

Great Job, Alison


I am as excited as you are about web 2.0, but you have done a fantastic job of putting that to words. As Alison said, I think a personal example of how web 2.0 has touched would have been great.

I really liked your comment on how there is so much to learn from other dadas from afar. In real life, there is a tendency for people from similar cultural backgrounds to form groups, rather than interacting and getting to know people from other cultures. Hopefully, Web 2.0 makes us more open to interacting with women from all cultures and identifying the commonalities among us.

Keep doing what you are doing. Great job!