‘The new girl in office is a slut’
Says Aaron, my colleague, in
a ‘matter of fact’ tone. ‘But,
how can you utter
such words?’ I say,

‘You barely know her!’
Aaron looks annoyed and bitter
‘Well I know girls like her;
they wear all stuff clingy and short,
ready to prey,’ he says with a snort.

‘But this is a place by the beach.
Lighter clothes are what each
one should naturally choose.
Plus, she dresses so, 'coz
she feels easy 'round here, amongst
us. You should be happy, she trusts
you,’ I jibe. Now
Aaron looks angry. ‘How
dare you argue? I’m telling you
I know girls like her,’ he quips.

‘Ok. So, what are her beliefs?’
‘Which party does she vote
for?’ ‘Which values does she support?’
‘Who does she idolize and follow?’
‘Who does she want to be like?’ Silence follows
each question. ‘You don’t know her’
I repeat to a terribly
sour Aaron.

the door opens, in comes Sahar,
the new girl. With a bar
of chocolate in her hand.
‘Happy birthday!’ she says
with a smile. Aaron stands
completely shocked
for a while.

‘But how did you know?’ even I
did not remember
this day,’ he finally asks. Sahar
smiles again, ’friends should know each other.’

I look at Aaron and see
his eyes are on the floor
Swallowing his words? Maybe!

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You know, we all meet an Aaron every now and then who passes a judgement on us without knowing a thing. I dedicate this poem to every woman who has confronted an Aaron in her life and made him eat his own words.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe