I saw Rose this morning near the chapel, sitting alone, quiet. Was she praying? I couldn’t say. Last Monday Her baby died. ‘Mummy!’ the baby had cried all day, in pain.

In pouring rain Rose ran around, seeking help. Then, in evening came Dr Browning. ‘Its Chikun Guniya. Better go to the hospital’, he told her and left quickly. Hospital was a good 30 mile away. Rose needed a car But found none. Meanwhile

Her husband slept, ignoring it all. ‘Let morning come, will try something’ he had said before going the bed.

Rose looked in despair at the baby- her bundle of joy – was in tears, suffering. ‘God, please take care!’ said she and sobbed

Morning broke. Rain had stopped.

The sun rose, and birds sang In the village, the church bell rang

Inside, Away from the sun the baby lay still, lifeless. It was all over

Between wails, Rose heard her husband saying, ‘Now stop crying It was just another daughter’.

In India, thousands of infants die each year, most of them girls. Often, they die without treatment. As someone who almost reached there and came back, my heart bleeds at such news. Lets join hands in making sure that the world will be as safe a place for every girl as it is for boys now


Dear friend

You know any written piece is nice only when someone reads it and grasps it. I owe all its goodnness to you! Thanks for reading and caring to comment!


Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

My dear Usha

In 2006-07, I spent 3 months in Nepal and i saw that the lives of women are just the same, the issues were also same. If our issues are same, we must stick together and overcome them. So glad to connect with you dear!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Stella, this was beautifully written. It also touched me on a personal level, because one of my best friends was just like you: an Indian girl baby who lived. She also has some light scarring on her face...although I'm not sure about the exact reason why, and I don't think she knows either as it probably occurred before she remembers. She said she was found (lying in the streets? who knows...), and was (luckily!) put up for adoption. With a caucasian father and a Mexican mother, they are a wonderfully diverse family. :) She gives thanks every day for being so blessed.

Kenia Perez CoFounder, www.MsJaneOfAllTrades.com

Thank you so much for taking your time out to read and to share this bit of good news that another girl survived :) I owe my survival entirely to my mother who in her life has seen all the discrimination a woman can face. I learnt this story from her and its from her that I have got all that makes the real me: courage, stubbornness and yes, like you, a deep love for yoga. Thanks again and love,both for you and your friend

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe