Dear All

After a sabbatical, I returned to World Pulse a few days back and joined this group. And then something strange happened: a floodgate opened somewhere and words started pouring out of me in a ceaseless flow. Those among you who write to live, will know the pain of losing that flow and facing that dreaded writer’s block. For past 3 months, I had been struggling with a partial block - didn’t write more than half a dozen times - but now, in past 3 days I have stayed glued to my computer, blogging, writing, reviewing, writing news stories, like a person suffering from fever, like there’s no tomorrow.

Meeting all you beautiful women has made this happen and I would like to thank each one of you.


Hey, That is very encouraging,it reminds me of the movie.How Stella got back her groove,have you watched it?

Wish you well and may you get more strength to write more for a worthy cause. Thank you. Goodevening

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor

Hi This is the strength of women,we see through each others needs clearly than how our spouses ,boyfriends or even how men view things. Great week

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor

Hi Stella,

Writers block? I can totally identify with you. Its the worst place for a writer to be.Glad to say I am also coming out of one this past few days. I wonder how everyone else handle's it when they have writers block..

Someone please share...


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Dear Sister

Yes, it indeed is painful to suddenly lose your voice. But on second thought, I would say its good to stumble into a block sometimes as every time we do that, we bounce back with increased energy! As for remedy, I think reading about the amazing journeys of others can surely help! Welcome back to you too!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe