Dedicated to World Pulse and all the beautiful women associated with it.

In the immeasurably huge world of the www, there’s a tiny, yet incredible place that a woman can call her own; where she feels the pulse of other women; it’s a place that gives her that rare ‘5th space’; where she can speak out of the ugly and the uglier without being hushed. She also can share her dream with other women of an equal universe.

Yes, it’s World Pulse.

@ World Pulse, my dear, amazing stories you hear

from women. Some are studying for a degree while others are busy attending a special school called ‘life.’

A mother, a sister, a wife, a lover and a friend - they play many roles, and with what ease! They also are combatants in a special war against bias and violation of rights. Here they bring on

tales of loss, pain and denial, challenges and trial and of toughness, of guts. Emotions flood my heart as I read on.

Like champions, they can shake n’ motivate.

Salute, World Pulse Women Brigade!


Dear Priyanaka

TED and I seem to be partners in a hide-n-seek game for quite some time. Quite a few of my friends are TED fellows ( you get the picture) and in every conversation, TED does pops up.

anyway, thanks for the comment. I read one of your posts and yes,it was beautiful.will surely go back and read some more and talk some more. until then, best!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Yes James, I agree with you. Whoever stands out against injustice, is a warrior for justice - whatever the sexual orientation might the person have.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

I am glad that it is a place that we can also celebrate women using such beautiful poetry...

Pen on my sister!

A candle looses nothing my lighting another

The most amazing is that all women around the world have the same problems and the same reasons for happiness :) And to me is so cool to know the opinion from the other part of the world, from totally different view, from those who has experience or the opposite - full of hopes and expectations from this life. It gives hopes, it gives support! I'm with you, girls ;)

You educate a woman, you educate the nation. Educated mothers bring up children better than educated men. If you do not agree, give us your view.


I just wrote that somewhere: educating a woman gets more dividends than one can expect. She receives formal education, but when she passes it on, she does value addition in form of wisdom, courage and inspiration.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Dear Stella - You've captured the vision of World Pulse so eloquently. Thank you for giving poetry to this magical space for women and their advocates. You have inspired me!

Jensine Founder World Pulse

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Dear Jensine

Hehehe, we women are never shy of singing praise, when the candidate truly deserves it, are we? You must be a very proud mother, watching this brainchild of yours growing from a sapling into a big tree that can provide shadow to hundreds of travelers.Personally, I needed something special to pull me out of a writers' block and I found it here. I owe you a lot of smiles :) All the best, always


Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe