I recently organised a youth conference in Nigeria and asked the youths to write and submit an essay on their dreams for the future.Over 150 students participated and submitted their essays.But there was a challenge.There were no cheap means to get the essays across to me in the United states.Scanning each essay was so expensive. An idea came to me.We gathered the youths and used it as an opportunity to give them basic skill training on how to type and send e-mails using a computer.The youths typed the essays and sent it to my mail box. This exercise gave them the opportunity to create their personal email accounts and also learn how to type and generate information using Google search engine.Initially they were very slow in typing but as they typed more essays,their skills were improving. IT empowerment is very vital because it introduces a different attitude to learning.There are so many resources on the internet through which young people can educate themselves,be aware of what's going on around them and participate irrespective of their geographical locations.

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Hi Stephanie,

I hope this message finds you well! Thank you for sharing your experience about organizing the conference in Nigeria. It seems like it was quite the good experience for you. Through the exercise, you taught your students what to do and empowered them. Good for you! Keep up the great work!


Dear Stephanie,

You could have found a way to duplicate essays, but no, instead you tapped into your belief in the abilities of these young participants and gave them all so much more! Now they know how to type on a computer, have email accounts and can search Google. Who knows where that will all lead! How great. Next time I am in any similar situation, I will think grandly, as you have done here. Congrats. I loved seeing their faces, too.

With Love in Sisterhood,


Dear Stephanie

Thank you for sharing your story and lovely experience of empowering youth through teaching them to create an account of google and write their essays. I am pretty sure that they are gonna keep exploring its benefits! Good job!



Hi Stephanie! Great post! I loved reading about your smart and simple solution to the problem of scanning and how you ended up teaching these youths a lot. I am sure in many (if not all of them) a love for the internet has been born and will continue. What was the conference about? It's great these youths are now on email. The next challenge, I suppose, is trying to help youths in Nigeria have consistent access to the internet. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes, Julia

Thanks Erin,Tam,Sabapet and Julia.The conference was about empowering youths,discovering,harnessing and developing talents and potentials.The challenge they are presently working on now is to create awareness and educate the community on Ebola.They are on research right now on the internet and the campaign will start early next month.We are glad to be impacting our community #BetheChange