In a nice place of Uruzgan a central province of Afghanistan, When a little beautiful girl was busy playing an interesting game with her friends near the home; a man came and asked her to do him a favor. The beautiful eight years old angel was told by the man to carry a bag to the nearest police car that was parked on the street. Making a happy face, she went toward the car. In that moment the black minded Talib with the remote control in his hand put a full stop to the journey of her life, her not achieved goals and infinite dreams! The bomb was exploded! she was the only one whose life was taken away and she was innocently killed. Uruzgan's little angel left the Earth! On the way going to heaven, she said: "My dear God, Today was my birthday and I got the best ever birthday gift; [I came to you!] But what will happen to the colorful rugs which Mariam and her mom weave? What about the delicious dry fruits which my dad sell in the market? Those 72 types of grapes of uncle Ghulam's garden, what will happen to them? What about uncle Aman? He replaced those Opium with The beautiful Saffrons in his farm! Thank you my God, but now I want another gift not only for myself but for all the people!" God asked her what does she want? Little angle said:" A gift that brings smile on Mariam's lips; a gift with which My dad and his brothers make a prosperous life for their families and a gift with which we stand up again and make our country more beautiful!" And God sent Peace to Afghanistan!

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Dear Nipo, Its a sad truth, it happened month ago in my country. It is not important for Terrorists how old a child is, they just kill him/her to achieve their goals. The Talib's black goal in the story was to destroy the police car by the bomb he had given to that child. Not only he couldn't achieve it, but he took that angel's life too. may all people live in peace and happiness. God bless you. Love

Love, Sudaba Parnian

Let peace rain in Afghan, creating beautiful ripples of smiles on the faces of the market people, the children in the parks, the policemen in the alleys, the women in the kitchen, the men at work and the youth ushering in the new dawn, Vivo Afghan.