It was a hot day at 11:30 in the morning. Everyone in the street was walking in a great hurry ;the men were rushing towards their work ; the children were running towards their school. For a while I felt that the people in this world are very busy .Among those all busy living creature, I was the only person who was in a slow solitary walk with an umbrella in one hand and bulky books in another hand .That was an unusual day that something unexpected incident happened in my life . As usual, I finished my class at 11:20, and I moved towards the bus station. In comparison to other days, I was feeling tired because of the project work related to the Journalism. I felt as if I’ll become numb. There was no one to give me a company .After sometime, I rode in one of the buses, and I got a seat near the window. Though it was hot, the wind was blowing outside. So, I took my head outside and was looking outside the window. A conductor boy might be of age 13-14 was shouting Thankot ! Thankot! (Name of the place) and sending the passengers inside the bus. It was the time when the most of the students get back home from college. So, the bus was full of college students. The driver started to drive the bus ahead with a loud volume of music. The college boys and girls were showing their improper behavior by yelling, screaming, and jumping. It looks as if they were unsocial. They didn’t cease their activities and were making bad impression on others. Whoever tries to suggest them to remain silent, they directly said,” don’t try to interfere in our work...just stay quiet ;its not the matter of your business .They were making themselves obnoxious by insulting and making fun of people. Though I didn’t like their behaviour, I remain neutral and stay quiet .A woman sitting near me was grimacing .The woman couldn’t tolerate their activities and scolded them.We had the same feeling towards those student .She got down in the middle way from the bus because of those students. I felt lonely when she left .In her seat, a girl of same college with a cunning eyes sat beside me with a dealer smile .After spending a considerable amount of time with those student, I was about to reach my place. The conductor started to collect money from every passenger. I kept my hand inside the bag to take my purse but I couldn’t get it .After a while , I remembered that I had left my purse in cafeteria. I blushed out, and I felt as if my face was burning. I was so afraid about its consequences .Moreover, I was worried whether the students would tease me. Hiding the truth is easier than telling to others. I was ashamed of telling the truth to the conductor. Hurriedly, I made a call to my parents from my mobile to come to the bus station to pay bus fare. I was speaking in my mother tongue ‘’Newari” instead of Nepali language so that no one could understand what I am speaking .My voice sounds as if I was crying because of fear. Among those students, one student asked , ‘’what has happened?”I hesitate to tell him as they have already made a bad impression on all of us .I bow my head with a sad face. Then , he added, ‘I understand what you spoke to your parents .He asked, ‘why I was calling my parents to come fast in bus station?’ I told him that I left my purse in cafeteria, and I don’t have money for the bus fare. Don’t worry .I’ll pay your money .He took out the money and gave it to the conductor .I just kept on watching with my mouth open because I hadn’t expected that he could be kind by heart . I couldn’t thank him for his help .As soon as I reached my place, I got down from the bus .Then, I heard the voice from the bus saying “Don’t forget your purse again as I won’t be there to help you”. I smiled and walk towards my father who had came to the bus station. Don’t judge a book with its cover’’.I learned this great idea of somebody from that student .It’s hard to recognize a person either they are good or bad .I came to realize that though the person has bad behaviour might be good by heart which we may not know. Unexpected things may happen in our life .Likewise, I have experience kindness of an unexpected person. I will always remember his unexpected kindnes

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sumona, i was so much into your story while reading it, you have really a good vocabulary and nice way of writing. However i am also overwhelmed by reading your story of that incident. I feel as if i was there at your place. please keep on writing you are really a very much good writer with the great style to attract people!

god bless!



Nilima from Nepal

Dear Sumona, How true! We can never tell from the way a person looks or acts in one moment how good their heart is. What a wonderful reminder of the kindness that can come our way from unexpected places. Thank you for sharing your story. Tina

Dear Tina, It was an unexpected kindness of him and the lesson that I learned from him. If he werenot at that time, I donot know what would be my condition.

Hi Sumona,

Your use of detail in this story really helped me feel like I was there with you. I always love when small acts of kindness like that of the boy on the bus appear. It's a good reminder to be kind to others as well.

Best wishes, Carly

Hi obenkov, It was a small acts of kindness but for me it was a big contribution or kindness that he did for me. Though I didnt know him he helped me and I hadnot expected that he would ever help me. He saved me from being ashamed.

Thank you for sharing. It can be very easy to put labels on people based on actions or for other reasons and you are very right that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover....we may miss out on a lot that way.


Sally Smith