About Me: I am Sunita Basnet from Nepal but currently in Bangladesh studying with full scholarship in Asian University for Women (AUW). I grew up in a remote village of about five hundred people in the Terai area in the eastern part of Nepal. Most people in my village especially the girls are poorly educated. I am the eldest daughter of five sisters and a brother. My father supports our family as a farmer. I volunteered in human right journalism forum in Biratnager, Morang in Nepal. Furthermore, I had volunteered in an NGO name informal service sector center (INSEC) of Morang Branch in Nepal. In that NGO I had to teach 80 people who are women and are under privileged, Political Leaders, Business Men, Farmers, Teachers and Service holder in two different village development council in Morang, Nepal. On the other hand, in Bangladesh, I am also volunteering as a supervisor in IT lab, financial department, Library in AUW. In future I wanted to work against poverty especially with women for their right, education and improvement. For this I had already started my journey from my country by opening women’s saving club which will help women to save their money and take loan in a low interest in their necessary. I wanted to convert saving club into credit union club which will be run by only women in the future for women’s improvement.

My Passions: to talk with people and share feelings, experience etc.

My Challenges: weak in English,

My Vision for the Future: want to work against poverty with women's right, education and improvement.


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Dear LauraB I am proud to be a part of World pulse. Thanks for your welcome. Sorry to response you late. I already started a group name "Women Movement". Thanks for providing a space. With Love and Regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Ginevra, Where r u now? Are you in Nepal or in your country? If you are in Nepal please write about how you feel and what did you see there? Waiting to read your journal. I am missing my contry and people. Thanks Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Ciao, It will be my pleasure to meet and talk with you but recently I am in Bangladesh studying in Asian University for Women. I will have a vacation on july 17 so if you can please come on July after 17. I will be able to heartly appreciate you after that. Thanks Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet