It was my first time; I was preparing myself to travel miles and miles away to speak on the behalf of Nepalese women, who are widely ignored, discriminated, oppressed and under-represented even in their own family. However, I was nervous and scared and I never give up my opportunity to becoming the barrier. I was preparing myself to speak for the need to create a better society for me, my sisters, mothers and my children in the future. First I reached the travel lodge hotel in London on 7th February 2010. There were only few delegates and I decided to visit relatives in London.

The next day on February 8, 2010, I was talking with some delegates from USA and Australia. Suddenly, I saw a young courageous delegates from Africa, I remembered by world pulse fellows Gifty pearl Abenaab from Ghana. I was talking with others delegates but my mind and eyes were searching my fellow’s correspondents. I saw a lady talking with some delegates and I feel that I know the voice. I look behind to peep at her but she looks different and suddenly I started staring at her delegate’s card.

I was unable to read her name due to my eyes problems so I stand up and started staring at her card. I recognized the young advocates from the image I have seen in Pulse Wire. Everyone was looking at me and wondering whether I was ok! Even Gifty was staring at me when I was voiceless and close my mouth with my palm. Suddenly, I forwarded my hands and said. Hello Gifty, It’s me Sunita, world Pulse Correspondent from Nepal. Do You… Before I say something, Gifty started shouted … Oh My God… You are Sunita………… and we huge each others. Everyone was looking at us because we were the one who was shouting.

After that we went for a tour. It was snowing and the cold wind was kicking at out mouth but we didn’t care about it. We took some pictures together and shared our feeling. we shared what we are speaking and why we want to speak in the topic media. we talked and talked about world pulse. We cheers and hug each other. I was so pleased to meet her after a long time. Gifty distribute some cards to delegates and I distributes World pulse magazines and flyers to counselors, one young world staffs, delegates and founder.

Moreover, I have paid 1025 euros by doind fundraising to attend the conference and rest of the amount was sponsored by a gentle man named Bill Liao.

Although we were assigned in a different rooms, most of the time we used to meet in the program. We used to ask each other about the following and the past day. We care and love each other. Finally the day came when we have to separate. I have to leave the hotel at 10pm on 10 February 2010. With a heavy heart, I have to say good bye to my fellow correspondent and rest of other OYW family.

Anyway, I must thanks to world pulse for helping us creating wonderful network accross the globe. Once again I realized the important of networking.


Microsoft Office document icon sponsors_photoes.doc



I am so happy to read yours posts (u & Gifty) I always imagine when you guys first meet and hug, oh life is good when you are with your loved ones. It is really great that you speak for women of Nepal and Gifty too speaking for her people too, that is what we are trained to be, voice of the voiceless, you are climbing on other women to be a voice unto others, thanks to these beautiful people here yes, the team that makes dreams come through and true. Jensine, Janice, Jade Jennifer and all though not too numerous to mention, they make things happen here.

Well done girls, you have made us all proud Worldpulsarians you know?

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Yes, stillnow when I read my post and remember the past, I feel happy and feel that gifty is still hugging me. At the same time, I feel shy when everyone was starting at us. Yeah! Once gifty has already mentioned that we are worldpulsarian. Ofcourse we are!

We (I and Gifty) both are glad that we made you feel proud and we will do more to make all of us happy.. Hey olutosin, today I am going to post the most inspiring speech of OYW, Don't miss it ok...

Even I attend the program, I have watched this video several times.. It's a speech from Professor yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank.

Love u much.. Seee u next time dear.. XXX

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dearest Sunita,

Reading your journal, reading Gifty's, seeing the pictures, watching the videos, and reading the comments of your fellow correspondents... I am in awe. When the VOF program began, we never imagined the deep relationships, opportunities and face to face meetings that would transpire through this journey.

Nepal is lucky that such a courageous, passionate and brilliant woman named Sunita was born. You are going to change the world Sunita! And I just feel lucky to witness your journey.

Thank you for sharing with us your experience and for telling this tale of two young woman leaders united long last!

Love lots, jade

Hello Jade,

Yeah I do agree with that. I also never imagined that I will have friends from other countries especially from Africa and Europe. However, It's the time that bring us together.

I am so moved from your inspiring words. I will try my best to make feel everyone proud. Jade today I am goign to post about the most inspiring speech, I have gained from OYW program. Please don't miss it.. hehhehe Love much

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Thank you dear and I am glad from your word choice "Orbit". Yeah, even we are different, we are One. We all are human. Yes, we enjoyed alot and have a safe journey. we missed all of you..

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

I can just imagine you both jumping up and down with joy. As Tina so eloquently said, I am also so glad to be in your orbit, and the orbit of all you wonderful correspondents! Janice

Like everybody here, I am happy too, for the both of you!!! The journey had a good impact on the two of you and many others. Here to say that it is always good to experience something but it is much better when you can share and witness the experience with somebody you know. And here you are: A cute Sunita, black suit fits you and the pierce in the nose, make you so much you!!! Besides, your country must be warm at this time, and the cold weather and the people you met is a great sip of fresh air!!! And what else can be better if not sharing everything with Gifty, our mate in Worldpulse. I bet many people around were questioning you relationship, and you did a great job promoting Worldpulse!!!

Great move! Good one for you!!!

More to come!!!


With best wishes, Victoria

WorldPulse Community Champion

Environment Group


Yes! I agree with you Victoria, when we share our experience with some body else, it's alwasys much better than how we feel. i think it's all of our responsibilities to promote pulse wire because we are here together because of this program. Yeah ! everyone was curious about our relationship and they were happy about us as well.

Don't worry! I will share everything I have learned there.. Just I need some time to write and post in the pulse wire.. please give me some time...

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Sunita, I feel nostalgia about our meeting. I have tears in my eyes reading your posts and the comments from all our sisters on Pulsewire.It also reminds me of when i met my mentor Kathy in Ghana last year.

You are the greatest gift to Nepal i can testify that from the times i spent with you. World Pulse-Jensine, Janice, Jade, Jennifer, Scott, Corine, Rachael, Ankur, Elsie, my fellow VOF sisters, our Mentors, Mid-wives etc have all been inspirational and making me feel part of everyone every day.

Sunita, you are strong and bold and courageous!. Jade has said it all.

I am looking forward to the day all Worldpulserian will meet as a family.

Love and hugs

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation

Gifty, Thanks for using the good vocab. You know I have to see the meaning of Nostalgia to understand what you are saying,, I wish My english coubld be like yours. You are more lucky than me because you have already meet your mentor but I have not. Hopefully, when i go to US, I will get chance tomeet her. She had also told me that she will come to visit me.

Thanks for your wonderful words and you are also amazing Gifty. Lets not say I or you, Lets say we.. I think now it's ok.. Everyone, whoever I meet in world pulse are amazing, powerful and inspiring. Thanks all the members of world pulse.

Love much Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hello Jackie,

Isn't it an wonderful opportunities? I am sorry I was quiet busy with my study and was unable to reply you on time. Thanks for sharing with us in our happiness.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet