About Me: He-e-e-e-y! Hello, me name is Mina! General information is Age- 18, a little chubby (but Mina is working on it!) She tends to speak in third person sometimes but if it bothers you, could you tell her? Lets see, I am terribly shy but about 95% of my life I am happy! Happy and energetic... Um... I am a little dyslectic so I mess up sometimes, she is smart but she is a little shaken with self confidence... Yes.... Well, Pleased to meet you and um... Bye bye for now... Bye. Oh, she always follows her own tempo, she doesn't like being told what to do against her will. She really likes to be the best of the best! Oh, she don't like talking about her deeper self, only surface facts. Sorry if she doesn't share alot but she likes to be friends with people.

My Passions: Exercising, psycology, genetics, helping others... Yes

My Challenges: Getting toned, getting into collage and that someday every one can watch her in awe!

My Vision for the Future: Life will be equal and nice for everyone and humans will follow a rule that they can't breed every 50 years so the population can go down. I like to work on the greater balance.

My Areas of Expertise: I guess um... ... I don't know.


You have some interesting ideas that I would like to hear more about. Wouldn't it be great if life were equal for everyone?!

I think the hard part about balance is how differing people view it and don't want to give up what they believe is right for what someone else thinks it should be.

I think you will like it here since a lot of us are also "shaken up with self confidence" but by supporting and listening to each other we get through it.

I can see why you chose 'Sunny" since you seem a very sparkling personality! It is unusual to meet someone who talks in the third person but it makes sense if you don't like talking about yourself much. Here you can talk about anything you want and there are many great posts about other places to interest you.

I felt the same when when trying to fill out that 'area of expertise' and wondered does just loving a subject count?!

I can understand that wanting to get toned too since it seems like it should be easier then it is. I look forward to reading your posts and seeing what interests you.


I wanted to encourage you to post your first article for us. Also you need to accept my friend request, it will be displayed either right on the top of the page where you sign in and will say something like "you have a new friend request, to see it click here" or if you missed that you can go to friends then edit list and it will show mine there too.


Hi Mina, I want to say i like you and your passion. You know we have something in common, one of your passion is psychology and i read psychology. Another thing is you and my daughter are of the same age and we are so close. It is very good you have joined the WorldPurse. There are a lot you can contribute and at the same time gain there

Keep posting my dear, With warm regards Busayo

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