Mina should think things through when she wrote the last entry!! She must apologize for that last entry!! She was feeling righteous and came to an answer that wasn't the right solution. Sterilizing people isn't the right way...

By talking to mother and thinking about it I have come to a conclusion that Action gets results but example gets you there. By not giving in to bad ways, you become stronger. By being strong people will want to follow you and get some light. There are always a solution to a problem but force won't stop it. I know that now.... Hmm... Well, Mina is wiser but she has a long way to go. In her next post will be Mina's philosophy 2! Bye!!!!!!!


It is a very good thing that you are willing to listen and hear views that are not your own since a lot of scientists get to a point where they think very "low" of ideas like compassion and empathy and dismiss them as "part of the problem" instead of what they actually are: part of the solution!

Wow, graduation is in a few days, congratulations for all your hard work and receiving Honors grades!!!


Maria (proud mom)

Wow, Mina, congratulations on receiving honors grades. Your whole family must be so proud of you. Wishing you a bright and wonderful future.

Not to sound so boasting but they worked very very hard through difficult times to get these honors grades so deserve hugs and congratulations to aliĝngix too! they had a very stressful High school experience but their inner strength pulled them through the darkest times and on to a new life as young adults!