Vision building is the big task, may be because i have too much of wish list and possibility of reaching it. Anyway, being a women, i always wish for a society where women is equally treated on par with others, if she is better than others, she should be given higher positions based on her potentialities. One must encourage her to live the way she wants to without violating other's rights. Some times others rights are clubbed with our freedom and its very difficult to judge though.

I love to work for the just society, i love to see the actual women without boundaries and chains. I always look for the avenues to reach for needy women and build confidence among them to come out of difficult situations. I know, its not a easy task, unless, i update myself continuously, i cant reach women and become support to them. World is moving with high speed but women in remote villages are living like that, still oppressed and away from basic minimum needs. Unless women is healthy and developed, we cant see the healthy society. By saying women, we mean, we want just society which is not possible without equal participation of women in all spheres of life. Regarding my community, its still backward, in the shackles of caste, class and gender bias, some times its religion too. They need good education, dignity of life, they are pushed backward and its time to give them everything they lost. I always tried and trying to pull them to live in mainstream world. Even for that , i need to learn many things, i am not convinced with the way i am to help our people and create the world i vision for. I know, one chant change the world but one can definitely be the pioneer so that other will follow. My community may fall down with the general indicators of development in material count but my community is unique and tought me several things which i do not find in any of them, i need to search for all those cultural aspects which are noble and equality based. For future generation purposes i must document them and let them feel proud of my community otherwise, they get cought in the dominant culture and forget about their own.

I am sure and confident that the Voices of Correspondent will change and put my perspective in right direction. After seeing and reading lot of women's stories at one place, i thought, this is the right place a looking for. The technology and network will strengthen my ideas, i firmly believe. I can share all my thought about my work, myself and the community..more over the vision of building just society. I hope , i can learn many things and by looking at others, taking advises i can correct myself too. All the stories i read so far are the stories of wonderful women, who want to do something or the other in life, this makes any one to think of new ways of life. I too felt the same that this plat form, will sharpen my vision and get me an opportunity to link up with the wider world. Once i am with outsiders, i can learn stories from other women, i can bring new stories from our women. Though there are similar stories, curiosities about women's lives, still i can proudly say, its our place! the better place! the just society!

i think, new technology, social networking skills, writing skills and other ideas i may get here and this learning will help me to be on the ground and build the solidarity campaign across the world.

I forgot to say that, i love to see beautiful write ups in my journal in english. Hope i will definitely see that one day and will own a magazine with full of women's struggles and stories.

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"I am sure and confident that the Voices of Correspondent will change and put my perspective in right direction."

Very 9ce sentence with the confidence. Keep it up and nice journal too



Yes, keep your magazine in your vision until it becmes a reality! I know it will!

Love and strength from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well. (A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Me too, I found that, I f I have done sth that I believe in , I will enjoy it and keep doing it.I have a bit lost so far, when i join world pulse I see my way to go. Keep your inspiration


Who says you can't change the world? You are probably the change the world is waiting to see. I found your article inspiring...i can tell its a writing from the depth of your soul. Well done!

You will own a magazine and you will bring change to your own community. Never doubt what you are worth dear. Each one of us has inside us the ability to change the world for the better. Even if our effort appears small to others our effort is much greater than those who never try. Keep the fight going!!!

What a clear vision for women in the world. Keep walking towards owning that magazine I am sure with the passion you demonstrate you will get there. In the meantime I look forward to reading more of our writeups.

Dear Ispano,

Meeting like minded people and encouraging, supporting voices from different corners is more exciting here in pulsewire, i loved it and its so warm to feel comfortable..

thanks a lot,

love suzi

Dear Debra ,

thanks for supporting my vision, i wish i can do little bit in my life time to document all success stories of women and local struggles..

love suzi

Hello Sujatha,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful vision of 'the just society'! I like how you mentioned learning much already from your community at home and the need to identify those aspects within it that are equality based. Starting with the skills and knowledge a community has already will make the journey toward social change that much easier, especially if the foundation of equality has already been laid in your community. Best wishes on your journey and good luck!



Dear EKG,

i am so happy to see all of you for not only responding to my post but the idea that you have understood my vision and thoughts.

thanks, love suzi