I've been pondering...what if girls worldwide were given the opportunity to attend and finish secondary school and college and at the same time men and women in the same community start to take classes or workshops. I believe its great to educate girls but we must conquer the source of the obstacle MEN! We must educate them and help them to see how educating women and girls will benefit the community and their families. By holding women back men are indirectly holding back themselves, their families, their community and their country all just to have power and control. Men it really is ok to put your pride and egos aside to progress your communities. Your mothers raised you and taught you how to take care of yourself, aren't they deserving of advancing themselves through education?

I've also been thinking... If women are living in a community in which men are not open to becoming educated alongside women and also giving girls the opportunity to finish school; maybe women can connect to educate ourselves. This maybe a far fetched idea, but here it goes:

  1. A group of women can pull together money or other resources to have a woman or a man (if he's willing) teach classes learned in secondary school.

  2. The group could also get training in areas such as: financial literacy, reading, writing, starting a business, technology, bartering for your benefit or to develop a skill, etc.

  3. The group may also have the opportunity to barter with a male family member to teach the group.

  4. There may also be community organizations or community members that can coordinate classes.

  5. Teach each other what we know or share other opportunities that would benefit another woman in your community or your group. We have to find a way to be strong and persistent women for the girls that look up to us. They depend on us and we will be depending on them so we must find a way to give them a step up and not give them the same hand we were dealt in life.


Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.



Thank you for sharing your ideas. I love that you bring forth the idea of an alternate sort of education. It reminds me a lot of what Nelson Mandela and his colleagues did on Robben Island- they would take turns teaching something they knew very well. I love that you talk about brining the community together and having different people teaching both secondary classes as well as other useful skills (i.e. how to start a business). I love that even in the face of formal education, young girls and women can still learn informally. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and please, keep doing so!




Thank you so much for your passion and motivation to learn and encourage learning for other women and girls. There is so much power in a strong community and I think you've really hit on something with this idea. Tapping into the connections among women and empowering each other to learn is an amazing vision. Please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas!

Rock on, sister! Jeannette