Hello everyone,

I have been active in the women’s movement here in Canada since the 1960’s, and am encouraged beyond my wildest dreams to find you all through WorldPulse. I believe that we are now able to create a more powerful momentum than has ever existed, through our combined voices and through sharing information, including both hurdles and successes. We are repeatedly told that change comes slowly, and though I am realistic and do celebrate each change for the good, large and small, I am also a practical optimist and a thoroughly disgusted activist, no longer satisfied with small offerings when monumental change in our lifetime is not only possible, but essential. I look to this leadership group for collaboration and inspiration, and am currently working in Canada to strengthen the momentum and belief that we can and must  accelerate change, and to strengthen support from activists in Canada to those of you that we are now in contact with around the world. I live to see change happen. I live to see violence against women stopped. I live to see a different world economy, and respect and caring for the Earth. I live for the connections that I now have with all of you. I believe we are here to do this, and I am forever grateful for all of you.

With much love,


Region North America
Topic Leadership



Beautiful introduction and it is so good to see your passion written out in clear words. You will sure enjoy your stay in this community. Amazing people are fully onboard.

Have fun, share and network.

You are so welcome, you are in good hands.

Best Regards,


...dust the smoke off the limitless treasures in you.

Thank you for your kind words, Fasoranti, and thank you for your presence here, Brother. I love the "dust the smoke off..." message you send. I can see the kindness in your face.


Hello Tam,

Thank you so much for sharing your kind view with us to bring a positive change. We are the sisters around the world and bring the happiness to other's faces. Thank you for the warm introduction, you all the sisters motive me .

Love and respect



Dearest Tam,

I am thrillled to read your introduction and send you so much love and appreciation for all the work you do in our group and the World Pulse community.

Your true sense of leadership reveberates and shines through your motivating thoughts. I am glad that we are connected, and continue to support one another to fulfil our aspirations.

What you live for is remarkable, and I bet that the world is changing for the best because people like you care and take action. Your voice will always count.

Take good care of you!