What excites me: the connection I have through a small machine that connects me to the entire world and through this, recognising myself and my story in the many varied faces and lives that engage with Web 2.0; touching via the internet, the remarkable women and their lives; reading with wonderment of their struggles to particiapte in the world community which I do with relative ease, and taking a moment to appreciate my situation. It is the development of the language and the development of skills that happen so quickly on the internet, no more long nights of studying, that feels so revolutionary because the internet has the potential to equip women with skills that can take place in a day or a few hours. With this comes the opportunity to be part of a global network, to hear stories from the world out there, from real people.

Solutions Networking, networking, networking. From powerful politicians to poor pauper, who you know helps to spread your cause. Make links so that members can use each other for inspiration; take and spread information in groups that are relevant; from the classroom, lecture room to leisure group, there is always space for information from other parts of the world. Empowering me It empowers me to participate in a wave of womanist movement and feel part of the global community. I also am aware that this is a defining moment of what it means to be a global citizen. It is profoundly satisfying to think that I can bring my own skills and help to share them with the world. I keep the flame of hope within that initiatives like Web 2.0 are significant steps towards breaking down the barriers of fear that exist as differences between people. In this way I feel empowered to think of us as women of the world, not just women in our own small communities.

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I think you touched the most important tool of the web that many people don't utilize and that is networking, It creates an infusion of goals, dreams, hopes, and ideas. Thus, why i love pulsewire. We all want a better future for woman and human kind overall. We share our love for this issue across boarders, cultures, and nationalities. I look forward to reading more from you, where your empowerment is needed.

-Carri Pence

Hi Carrie

Thank you for your message. It is so very encouraging to read your comment. I actually think I need empowerment to network more. Just today i noticed how i hold back and dont network enough, I found myself thinking I would seem forward and pushy. Strange that behaviour code, i know comes from my upbringing which was to be polite and hold back. How does one balance polite behaviour and make important networks easily.

Regards Tanya

don't hold back. Use your ideas to guide you forward, and be as blunt as needed. The ones that matter won't mind how raw and real your emotions are and they will support you rather than be ashamed of your words.

-Carri Pence

thanks for your message. You are the first to reply, its such a thrill to see a reply. Im about to look at your post but would like to know more about you. Is this how its done on the worldpulse network? Im only just beginning to explore it.

Awesome story Tanya. It is inspiring as you have discussed to be able to communicate all around the world with modern technology. To know that your voice can travel miles and miles all over the world is powerful. You have truly empowered me. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.



Dear Tanya,

Thank you so much for this post - I can honestly say that I feel inspired and moved by your post and by the information you have on your biography. The work that you do and the drive with which you do it is amazing - I hope that you continue to include personal stories in all of your posts. We are so lucky to have women like you in the international community and I am personally honored to be able to interact with you through PulseWire. As the other women have said, it is so wonderful to hear that you are taking advantage of the networking opportunities.

I was really touched by your statement about being "women of the world" and not just women of our own communities. In that realization of yours, you really seemed to grasp the bigger picture of the work being done through Web 2.0. Every woman's voice and story have value and have the power to inform, educate and inspire people all over the world. You have inspired me - for that, I thank you and I look forward to keeping in touch with you and reading more of your posts.

Best wishes,


Dear Tanya,

"...there is always space for information from other parts of the world." I really like this line. Nice job on your article. I love the sense of unity in your piece and your choice of words (connections, networking, global community, women of the world).

Looking forward to reading more of your stories in the future. Best of luck.

Cheers, Jenn