Since my early schooldays I used to see my classmates studying vigorously round the year to secure the best marks in the exams. But being a somewhat "lazy" child, I depended only on last moment cramming. My parents were always nervous about me but they could never find any scope for scolding as I always secured very high marks in all the tests. It had become almost a regular phenomenon for me and my family that though I do not study over the year but still, I somehow manage to score good in the exams until my high schoolmates found out that- whatever I study during the last moments, those come in the question papers inevitably. Hearing this, to my utter surprise I found out that- throughout my whole student life I had unknowingly faced so many miracles that they had become parts of my normal life. For example, I prepared only seven essays for my Secondary School Certificate Exam whereas my friends prepared as many as eighty essays and still were unconfident about getting one of those in the question paper. In the exam hall, I found that all three essay-options were common from my prepared ones while my friends could hardly answer one that matched their huge preparation! Hahaha......!!! :)

Still I am continually facing miracles or "I am creating miracles" (as my friends say!). Now-a-days, so many people have learnt about the fact that before every exam, I have to encounter a huge crowd of my fellow classmates seeking for test-suggestions from me. I don't know whether my advices make any miracle in their exams or not but I find it very miraculous that I have become a celebrity (though only in exam seasons!) at such a young age and with so little efforts!!!

--- Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury ---

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you convey an enviable ease and joie de vivre that seems to go hand in hand with the joyous idea of miracles -- that is if you don't expect a miracle, don't worry about finding one, don't pray to be blessed with one, don't necessarily even care if one comes your way, it may well just fall at your feet. Miracles remain a mystery. Enjoy your moments of fame, but even more so, enjoy your own happy, easy attitude about life....


Dear Frances,

Thanks for your appreciation. You are right. Miracles are something for which you do not need to wait and long for. They happen so unknowingly (just as breathing) that we could hardly ever recognize them as miracles. So, we should remain happy all the time and praise God for surrounding us with so many miracles!

Bye and keep in touch. Tanzina

Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury


I love how you talk about creating your own miracles. I have heard other people talk of similar things, although at my end of the world it is described as creating our own luck, or just being born lucky or "The luck of the Irish!". It is clear from the way you write that you are a joyful person who recognizes the blessings, however small and however great in your daily life and that is a miracle in itself, but also a lesson that reminds us to do the same. Your joy is infectious! Thank you for making me smile! Tina

Hi Tina!

Yes! You have guessed it completely right- I am indeed a joyous person. You might get a more clear idea about me when I'll tell you what happened in my class a few days ago. The thing was that- we were asked to form 4-membered teams who were supposed to read a novel and write a book review. As we had so many exams at that moment we thought of selecting an old Bengali novel as we knew that we could find many good reviews of it in the market. According to our plan we bought an old book as well as its review and translated the whole review from Bengali to English. When we were done with our work, our assignment looked quite rich as it contained very high-level thoughts [ofcorse, those were not of ours! :) ] But when we submitted that, we had a sense of guilt in our hearts as this was the first time in our lives that we had cheated in a coursework. Anyways, after two days our teacher came up with the assignment marks. The moment he saw us, he started scolding- "I had never thought that you four are such courageous thieves. You stole from my own writings and you had so much guts to submit those to me again!...." At that moment, all four of us suddenly realized that out of hurry we didn't see the reviewer's name and we unknowingly picked our own lecturer's review from the bookshop and translated that! ....Then, there was a moment of silence.... We looked at each other and at once bursted with laughter. Seeing our response, our teacher's scolding grew even more but the more he was scolding us, the more we were laughing. Finally, he gave up as he had understood the humour by that time and he also started laughing. The final thing was that, he gave us a zero at first but after this whole laughing session, he decided to give us a second chance for submitting the assignment in two days. And this time, we were back with our ethics (I can say that Miraculously God had given us the chance to change our misdeed!) and read the whole novel and wrote our own words instead of translating others'. ---I hope this story infects you even more. Bye- Tanzina

Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury


Wow Tanzina, your second story about translating is less of a miracle but more of a lesson learned. Studying is not always fun or easy, but keep it up!

Hi Carly!

Thanks for your wonderful feedback. You know- after writing my story on "Miracles" and publishing that on my journal, I have realized that I have created another scope for miracles- that is- I am getting the opportunity to be introduced with so joyful persons like you (who are resided far from my residence but whose heartbeats are so close to me!) in such a short span of time! So now-a-days, I have started envying myself even!

Ok Carly. It's so good to get in touch with you.


---Tanzina :)

Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury


Hi Olakitike!

Indeed smile has no boundaries. I feel so lucky that my story has made you smile though you live in Nigeria, a place so far from where I am. :)

Again Thanks.:)


Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury