About Me: Taking One Day at a Time. Living in Every Moment. No Regrets. Discovering, Gaining Knowledge and Global Perspectives from Women All Over the World. I'm originally from a small town in South Texas, who has travelled to Phoenix then to Los Angeles and now living in Portland, Oregon. Go Green! This is an exciting time in my life and have been truly been blessed to have encountered World Pulse. Every heartbeat in each word we share with one another is without parallel. I look forward to your friendship! Kind regards, dtr



From reading your profile, I can see that you are a World Pulse woman and have found the right community, a place where women who are lifting their voices in the name of empowerment and connecting across borders to make positive change for women everywhere!

I encourage you to use your journal as a place to introduce yourself, your work and your passions to the PulseWire community. Please share more with us about Tejana Fusion! Think of your journal as a blog, where you can speak your mind and reach an audience of nearly 3000 women and supporters of women's initiatives. I think that you will find PulseWire to be an exciting place to garner support, make connections and share your story.

Warm regards, Jade

I live in Portland and it's such an amazing place. I'm so glad you joined our community and I can't wait to hear more from you! We are reading inspiring books over at the World Pulse Book Club if that interests you. Let me know if you have any questions about PulseWire and I'll try to steer you in the right direction.



MichelleWorld Pulse Technology Associate

Hi Michelle, Thank you. I am truly happy to found this community. I am currently in Los Angeles and will be back there the last week of December. I would love to see what type of community events are going on during my visit. Talk to you soon. ,dtr

Hello Tejana!

Welcome to PulseWire! We are so glad that you have joined our online community. I know you will find PulseWire to be an amazing space to connect with women, express your thoughts and share ideas. I have enjoyed my time on PulseWire, so many incredible women! I live in Portland currently, and am happy to welcome you to both Portland and PulseWire. You're in for a treat with both communities! I look forward to connecting with you in the future!

kind regards, Jody PulseWire online intern