About Me: My power lies in passion. Pursuing and expressing my hearts' desires honors my love, passion and beauty and is worth waiting, courting or crusading for. What I lack in external means, qualification or ability, I make up for with a true and dedicated heart. I am not a victim therefore I do not need rescuing. I am empowered by patience or self-worth and my gift is emotional availability, devotion to God and unwavering faith.

My Passions: Music, Food, Art, Fashion

My Challenges: Break-through in unchartered territories

My Vision for the Future: To allow women to see how God intended them to be

My Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Strategy, Marketing, Advertising


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Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM)

nakintin@yahoo.com or rescuewomen@yahoo.com