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My personal vision for my life is to live a better life with my family. Though blogging has warned us to expose my personal lifr too much on the Inernet. It is ok to analyse about my vision, our Communities and the World at large. Since i worked in a Government Public Office seventeen years (17 yrs) and i loved serving people cos' i believe whatever i do i do it for my almighty father GOD. He created me to love eith all my heart and serve HIM faithfully. So i know when i serve HIS peple faithfully am serving HIM, even though they dont reward me. GOD will reward me and bless me. After i left the Government, i volunteered as a Community Social Worker. I have also presided over General elections in our Country Kenya as a Deputy Presiding Officer.

Am recognised by the Millineum Development goals MDGs under UNEP by awarding me a Certificate because of Campaining for POVERTY ERADICATION in our Division level.

So my Vision is to be considered either by UNEP and also Voices of Our Future Applicant so that i will be able to work for my Community fully, without straining so much on my own. Serving the Community is in my blood, i love people and watching them suffer i suffer with them.

My Vision for the Community is to find ways to help them as the VOF Applicant if possible to give them grants to in a Scheme to be known as (SYB) Start your Own Business fo the poorest oif the Poor. Later, The World Pulse may also have a Microfinance Bank where the poor could get loan from them without Security and repay daily with an interest of Kshs 1.00. thus, will make the Poor Woment be able to educate their Children and have their basic needs. By keeping Poutry (chicken) Rearing pigs, Growing Amarantha, Mushrooms i have groups which started all these business but they were not able to continue because of lack of money. All these will apply to the Whole World.

am also an Organising Secretary in a Women group where we are where planning to introduce development Environment Progamme trees planting in our country engage Women and youth so that our Environment to all we will never lack rain, food etc and that the would be my Vision to be introduced to the wide World. So that we live in a better World (The Earth).

I would l;ike to be a Correspondent for the WorldPulse so that i will continue informing be the Voice of the Voiceless you about the poorest of the and when i give ideas we shall all be sharing making the World that we live in a Better place to live in and enjoy our precious life happily everyone the rich and poor.

Thanks for your Cooperation.



Dear Teresa,

I had the pleasure of reading your final essay for Voices of the Future. You have a very clear vision of the future and many practical solutions that people can use to improve their lives today.

Good luck in your ventures and writing in the future!

with kindness, carly diaz

Dear Carly,

Thanks Carly your comment motivates me. I feel at least somebody somewhere has read my story on behalf of my needy Community at the grassroots level. I live with them they try their best to get their daily bread by visiting the near by factories to get a Casual job But they go home in the evening without even bread for their children they sleep on empt stomachs. so am disturbed If only you know how these Community go through in their daily today affairs. Majority of them do not deserve such a life. Majority of Women if at least they get Sewing Machines fo both pullovers, dresses, and suits hey would get their daily basic needs by sewing, they could also be paid if them mend clothes. An area be identified for them so as orders to be made for them to sew School Uniforms, pullovers etc.

I know every Country World Wide has the poorest of the Poor who could be identified and benefit in such Projects, if only the right persons could be given such responsibilities.

Thanks for your cooperation


TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

It sounds as if you have devoted your life to serving others and that is very admirable. I hope that through World Pulse you are finding support and community to keep yourself healthy and happy as well because as we all know too well, you can't truly help someone else until you are taking care of yourself! :-) Your visions for your life and your community are very inspiring - I especially liked the idea of the tree planting involving women and children!

Keep at your passions because they definitely encourage others to find their own and act upon them!

Best Regards, Erin

Jambo Madam Erin,

Thanks dear for your comment. I also hope through World Pulse our Community will get support. I hope my vision for my life and my Community are very inspiring to peoples of good will like you and the WORLD PULSEVOF, Tree Planting if implemented to all humanity the World Environment will be a happier live in.

Lets all of us encourage one another through sacrifice. If we take care of others GOD will take care of us and our family. See you online. thanks once again.

May GOD bless you .


TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING